Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Phillies' Game 4 Comeback

I stayed up until Midnight last night watching the Phillies game. My ass is dragging at work today but, man, was it worth it. Quite the comeback.

This morning, I was telling The Boy — my 9-year-old son — about the comeback; he's more into fishing than baseball, but I dragged him downstairs as soon as he got up to show him the video of Rollins' incredible hit.

The Boy watched politely. Then he remembered my telling him about Victorino's accidentally flinging his bat into the crowd in the previous game. That's what he really wanted to see.

I had to get to work so I didn't have time to search for that. Turns out, the video is, indeed, posted on the Phillies site. So The Boy will get to see it tonight.

Anyway, when we came back upstairs after watching Rollins' hit, I said to The Boy, "Tell Mommy what happened in the game."

So The Boy says: "Rollins hit a two-run homer-"

"Double," I corrected him.

"-double," he continues, "and then they killed him!"

Which was The Boy's description of Howard and the rest of the Phillies mobbing Rollins at third, which you can see at the end of the video.

The mobbing ... that's what stuck with my son.

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