Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ian's Sense of Direction

Ian had a social sciences test before the Christmas break. It was basically about the physical and human geography of New Jersey.

I helped him study for it. He didn't get the marked test back until this past Monday. He did okay - he got a 75% to be exact1.

Sadly, because Ian didn't bring his textbook home, we couldn't study the maps that were going to be used in the test, so he got all of the map-reading questions on the test wrong.

Even this one:

Use Map 1 to answer the following questions:

1. What direction would you have to travel to get from Cape May to Trenton, NJ?

Ian's answer: "Left".

Fucking fascist teacher marked that wrong!

When I read that answer I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Luckily, Ian was in bed at the time and didn't hear me - he hates it when I laugh at something he didn't intend to be funny.

Man, I love that boy.

He makes me laugh no matter how down I may feel!
1 He'd've done a lot better if he'd just remembered to bring home his social studies textbook the weekend before the test. He brought home the teacher's handout describing what would be on the test ... but without the textbook, we had no way of knowing what the "correct" answers would be. E.g., one of the questions she had on the test was something along the lines of "What precious resources can be found in NJ?" Without the textbook, we had to kinda research this ourselves (Ian, of course, didn't remember what it was the teacher wanted) - so we came up with zinc, copper and a few others. Ian dutifully memorized these and vomited them back at the teacher when the question came up on his test.

But they were "wrong".

Correct answer: "Crushed stones".

Crushed stones - yeah, I know that feeling.

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