Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just Like Pagliacci Did

Originally, I went to youtube to try to find a video for the live version of "Gloria" that is featured on the Doors Boxed Set [Disc 2].

The Doors performed Van Morrison's "Gloria" quite a number of times, and many of those performances are up there on youtube - but I could not find this particular version. I wanted this one because J. Morrison (no relation to Van) gets especially explicit on it - which he always kinda did, but he takes it to a new level on this version. At around the 4:15 mark (the song is 7+ minutes long), he ad libs the line: "Now why don't you wrap yo' lips around my cock, baby?"

This line seems to get Ray Manzarek, the Doors' keyboard player, especially excited, because he lets out a heartfelt "Woo!!" immediately after Jim utters this line.

But it gets funnier (and weirder); because Manzarek can't seem to get Jim's cock out of his mind and he keeps adding more suggestions as to what should be done w/r/t Jim Morrison's penis: "Suck it!" "Taste it!" "Eat it!" "Lick it!" etc.

By this time Jim has moved on to other suggestive lines, like "Wrap yo legs around my neck" and "Wrap your hair around my skin" [? Uh ... yeahhhhh, Jim, that sounds hawt] - but Manzarek, over a minute later, is still grunting out background lines about Jim's cock!


Get a room, Ray!

So, um ... because I couldn't find this hilarious (to me) version of "Gloria", here's Smokey doing "Tears of a Clown" instead.

Because ... uh ... not finding the Doors song made me sad?

Yeah, okay.
In other news, I went for a 4.6-mile run this morning. Today was my day to run with the ten-pound weights on each ankle. I was not into it, but I did it. In 49:30, to be exact, which is like a 10:41 pace, which sounds like a horrible pace (and it is), but when you consider my first runs with the weights on took me about eleven-and-a-half minutes per mile you can see that there has been some improvement.

What I'd like to do at some point is get under the 10-minute-per-mile mark.

The weighed runs do wonders for my creaky knees. So even if I don't improve my time, it' is worth continuing to run with the extra 20 pounds.

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