Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Meet the New Boss ...

Glenzilla today:
Just think about this for a minute. Barack Obama, like George Bush before him, has claimed the authority to order American citizens murdered based solely on the unverified, uncharged, unchecked claim that they are associated with Terrorism and pose "a continuing and imminent threat to U.S. persons and interests." They're entitled to no charges, no trial, no ability to contest the accusations. Amazingly, the Bush administration's policy of merely imprisoning foreign nationals (along with a couple of American citizens) without charges -- based solely on the President's claim that they were Terrorists -- produced intense controversy for years. That, one will recall, was a grave assault on the Constitution. Shouldn't Obama's policy of ordering American citizens assassinated without any due process or checks of any kind -- not imprisoned, but killed -- produce at least as much controversy?
Obama, unsurprisingly, is a true Democrat: The only "controversial" policies he's willing to stand behind are the blood-thirsty right-wing policies of his Republican predecessor. This is exactly what I expected and is exactly why I did not vote for this Assassin/Nobel Peace Prize Recipient.

I know quite a few Democratic Party Hacks who still - still - think I owe them some sort of apology for voting for Nader in 2000, claiming, absurdly, that that somehow made me responsible for the election and subsequent policies of George W. Bush.

Well, fuck them.

Where is their apology to me and the rest of the country for their man's adoption of every single one of Bush's authoritarian policies? Where is their apology for the Democrats' support and sponsorship of these policies from 2001 to the present day? Where is their apology for the Dems' unwillingness to offer any meaningful alternative to right-wing authoritarianism? Where is their apology for the fact Obama and the Democrats have the exact same contempt for the rule of law as Bush and Cheney did and do?

I knew Obama was not going to be a very good president.

But I actually had no idea he'd be George Dubya Bush-level bad.

Just as Nader said about the two parties: Tweedledum and Tweedledum-er.

Take your pick as to which is which.


  1. TAoS is up this month. maybe we should invest.

  2. So, when are you moving to Canada? I'm sure they need a good librarian in Ft. McMurray.