Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What To Do, What To Do ...

I stole this cool image:

from here, but since I'm using this very same blatant act of pilferage to link to that worthy site (which I like a lot because it has a posting on each and every Beatles song), that makes it okay.
In case you were wondering what a less evolved, Cro-Magnon-like ersatz-Beatles might look like, here's this:

That's Freddie and the Dreamers doing their hit(?) Song/Dance Craze, "Do The Freddie"1 in 19652.
It's snowing here in North-ish mid-Joisey, with an inch or so already on the ground, and I'm sitting here wondering whether or not I should go for a 3-or-so-mile run3.

Will it happen? Who knows?

Ian's school just robo-called to say there will be a 90-minute delayed opening today. Ian made it clear last night that he was hoping for the whole day off.
1 Which you should under NO circumstances ever, EVER do.

2 The very year the word "fucktard" first entered the English lexicon.


3 Who's the fucktard now?