Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blog Post In Which Glaven Assays The Distinct Possibility of Disappearing Up His Own Asshole

hey dullblog hipped me to this here commercial, available on YouTube:

The poster at hdb notes, and questions, the horrible dubbing job done on Lennon's voice. Which is true enough.

But I have to note the irony, maybe even the self-contradiction, inherent in both my and hey dullblog's pointing foax to this video.

Because here's one of our heroes, whom we worship for what he did in the past, saying, "Don't worship the past - it's the very antithesis of what I and any rock 'n' roller worth his salt stand for"; and, implicitly at least, we're all, Yeah, John, TESTIFY, mah bruvva! You're sooooo right! People who worship the past are SUCH luuuuzers! Unlike you and ... uh ... me?

And this is the point at which I kinda feel my own asshole opening up and see myself knowingly heading straight up it ...

But could it be that my self-serving (and -preserving!) belief that the fact that one respects - maybe even kinda reveres - a certain part of the past does not necessarily preclude one from also being forward-looking and open to new experiences - or possibly even be the type who, himself, actively engages in innovation ... could it be this view is valid? Might I be right that revering the past and looking forward to the future, in other words, need not be mutually exclusive?

I might be.


Self-sodomization and -annihilation averted ... but just barely!

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  1. Now you know how often I go into Google Reader - not too often!!

    Self-sodomization averted?

    A shame.