Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Kankles (And Hey Jude) Are Teh AWESOME!1!

O, man, here's another awesome video I ran across while reading hey dullblog1! Foax in a NYC subway station spontaneously singing along to the extended coda of "Hey Jude"  — really, just awesome. Almost enough to make me want to ride the NYC subway again, which I haven't done in like 25 years because I'm old and scared and need to be within 25 minutes (no more than that!) of a familiar bathroom and by NYC subway standards I'm not even creepy, which goes to show you the level of creepiness of their Creepy Old Pervs.

Man, even though "Hey Jude" is far from my favorite Beatles song, and at times I can even be a bit sick of it, still that coda can send chills up my spine and the song embodies that communal feeling that the Beatles were kinda all about better than any other Beatles song. And when enough foax sing it? It always sounds great; because it was sung, on the original recording, by a bunch of non-professionals (excluding the Beatles themselves, of course). It's impossible to get it wrong because, even if you do, your crappy voice is buried by the other voices2 and the whole is truly greater than the sum of those parts.

Hey Jude Times Square Subway Station from 39forks on Vimeo.
Later ....

Excellent Kankle Run3 this morning! Just got back. I wasn't feeling it beforehand and I actually cut short my knee-stretching exercises to makes sure I got my @$$ out there and ran (not smart; that right there could result in a tendinitis flare-up, but I'm not too worried). I wanted to just fucking quit the whole time, which is totally par for the course on a Kankle Run. But I toughed it out like a Heisenbergian Approximation of a Man, deviating4 from the 3.9-mile route I originally plotted out and I ultimately ended up running 4.41 miles in 46:06 minutes which MapMyKankles sez is a 10:11 pace! Woo-Hoo!

So SUCK IT, PIANO-LEGGED LADIES!1! I'm faster than you5!1!

Man, I remember when I told myself I'd celebrate if I ever got my Kankle Run pace below 11 minutes!
1 Which itself, by the way? Teh AWESOMEST name for a Beatles blog 4EVAH!1!

2 Years and years ago, there was this truly nasty recording that made the rounds, purportedly of a Wings (as in "Paul McCartney and the ...") concert — it was (allegedly) the isolated audio of Linda's mic during a "Hey Jude" performance; and she was absolutely horrible and off-key and painful to listen to with her caterwauling na na na's. I could probably find and link to a copy of it, but I won't; it's too mean-spirited; and anyway, $ir Paul loved her and that's reason enough for me not to mock her.

Allegedly, the recording was released by some disgruntled sound engineer or something on one of the Wings tours. But the recording is quite possibly a hoax (there is debate on the issue; but its bona fides include the involvement of one or two Howard Stern-like shock jocks, including Howard Stern, so the smart money is on hoax), but, hoax or not, it's pretty cruel to Linda.

3 I.e., My Most Hated Roughly Fortnightly Run With 10 Pound Weights Strapped To My Ankles. (With a subtitle like that, you can see why I just shorten it to "Kankle Run: Based On The Novel Push By Sapphire".)

You would think an extra 20 lbs wouldn't slow you down that much. But you would be wrong. Or maybe it wouldn't because you're a better runner than I am. O, let's just split the different and say you're both. Wrong and a better runner than I, that is.

Because on my first Kankle Run, I ran about 5 miles and it nearly killed me and I didn't have the weights strapped on tightly enough and I got a blister on one of my ankles and the run? Yeah, it was at like an 11 minute+ pace. A halfway decent regular run of that length would be at a pace well over 2 minutes quicker, hopefully under 9 minutes. But I discovered that the weights on my ankles really help my knee tendons and so Kankle Runs are a good preventative for that ol' knee tendinitis I have had in both knees now.

And so but then today's Kankle Run obviously represents A Real Triumph for me because go back up there to the main text and learn why.

4 Mmmmmm ... deviance ...

5 Full Disclosure: But only you.


  1. the karate on the monitors in the background is a nice touch.

  2. So how did you come to be so thoroughly washed in the juice of the apple?

  3. Same could not be said for "Happy Birthday" unfortunately. Bad off-keyness manage to sail on through loud and clear no matter how many people are singing it.

    So you're running my pace with weights strapped to your ankles. Nice. Maybe I should take off the weights strapped to my ass.

  4. I like "Hey Dude". But like the off-key Linda, I'd just bugger it up. I pretty much only sing in my car, and even then I swear I can feel the upholstery and the steering wheel hatin' on me. I'm just that bad.

    And nice pace, by the way! It's good that you're taking care of yourself, now that you're going to be a father again. Is teh Ian excited about becoming a big brother?

  5. I find it funny how everyone suddenly turns "musical" by taking the high harmony at the end of the Hey Jude video.

    I personally enjoy "Blackbird" and "Let It Be."

  6. LooMoo-G probably hasn't told the fam yet. I think I'm the "secret."

  7. You gotta admit, you can't just spring something like that on them. No doubt it will require careful planning, just the right moment, and above all, tact.

    What am I saying??? Teh Bride is doomed for a rude surprise.