Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Large Hadron Collider smashes protons, record
The $10-billion structure at Geneva collides particles at three times previous energy levels. It hopes to find smaller particles and make other physics discoveries.
I have to say, I never quite understand this stuff (to understate it dramatically), but it fascinates me. (h/t to Teh 'Bride for alerting me.)

And, of course, that LA Times headline reminds me of The Simpsons episode in which Homer fakes his own death by throwing a dummy that looks like him over a cliff into the river; beavers attack it and rip its pants off just before it gets sucked into a turbine and shredded.

The next day's headline in The Springfield Shopper?


  1. I cannot fathom that a beaver rescue would EVER fall short of anything. It's a lie. A damn lie...

    Must be a conservative newspaper...

    Gah! The media!

  2. Clearly, I'm inspired by the make-your-own-porn comment on my blog...

  3. I only read this post just to see if you could actually post without rampant cursing and perversion.

    I'd say you were successful, but then there was all that nasty beaver talk...it's still March, though. You've got a day to clean up your act, mister.

  4. The "Hardon" always wants to "make discoveries."

  5. The beaver rescue failed because they weren't Kanadian beavers.