Monday, March 1, 2010

Voices in the Sky

A few months ago, I got a phone call from Teh'HeisenBro, all excited over having caught a Moody Blues concert on like VH1 or something and he was all, "Guess what? They're coming to the Poconos to do a concert! You and Teh 'Bride should come up and we'll all go see them!"

And I was all "Woo-Hoo!" because even though I hate crowds, I would definitely brave one to go see the Moodies.

Sadly, this concert outing never came to pass, mostly because of scheduling conflicts, but also because Teh 'Bride's reaction to this proposition was, "Who teh eff are the Moody Blues1?"

So anyroad, I've taken to listening to the two Moodys' songs below a LOT lately; and on my last run, a large part of which took place in a cemetery2, I listened to both of these songs over and over on my iPod.

Yeah, kinda weird, I guess. Busted.

I like rock songs that include flutes.

And a bunch of dead people around3?

That's just gravy.
Even though the roads are all clear today, I'm gonna do today's run in the cemetery.

Death runs are Teh Awesome!

1 This is a slight exaggeration. But Teh 'Bride's reaction was a totally valid one, because you can bet yer ass that if Teh 'Bride tried to get me excited about the prospect of attending a concert by one of her fav groups, like Teh Pet Shop Boys or Teh Cure (although I actually do like the Cure, just not enough to go to a concert by them), I'd be all "Pfffttt! Yeah, that's gonna happen!" And Teh 'B. said, "You go with Teh 'Bro and Teh 'S-i-L, and I'll stay at the house and mind Teh Boy."

And she meant it. But that would have sucked, too.

2 Because with all of this snow on the ground, I was looking for places that aren't icy or clogged with snow and I found a couple of paved roads in the local cemetery that are nearly immaculate and they have some nice inclines and they go in loops of about .25 miles each and so I ran them and it's actually kinda nice there.

3In fact, the cemetery in my little 1-mile-square Joisey town is picturesquely scenic and is situated on the highest hill (it's on the road that contains the foothill to Teh Schmatterhorne) so you can get some very pretty views from there.

So listening to fruity-flutey music in there is not as out of place as it might seem.

I'd say, "appropriate, even", but that would be a stretch.

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  1. I'll go with TB to see Pet Shop Boys while you see Moody Blues.

    There was a dude profiled in this month's Running Times who does most of his running on loops around/through his local cemetery. He's in his 60s/70s & running a 3:xx marathon. He wants to set a world record for fastest marathon time for an octagenarian, & it doesn't look like that'll be a problem. Daggone 80-year old running faster than me.

    NOT a fan of this truncated GR feed as you're well aware.