Monday, April 19, 2010

Asshole Hackers

I just finished reading BrianFlash's Report on his first Ultra (he got a first place AG award in a 50K race - WOOT!) and I clicked on the link to his report in GR only to discover that some asshole has hacked his blog. (That's why I didn't provide a link.)

What kind of douchenozzle do you have to be to hack a running blog? What "Man" are you "Sticking It To" by doing that?

Well, congrats, BrianFlash and I hope your site is unhacked very soon.


  1. Seriously. That's pretty low. Not that BrianFlash has a "low" blog, but the nerve of some people. Ugh.

  2. I had my AP Biology hacked once and they turned it into a Persian Dating site. Some of the ladies were pretty, to quote Teh G, HAWT, but still irritating to say the least.

    Plus the f*7ker was in Farsi, how is a girl supposed to get her groove on?


    Asshole Hackers.

    Congrats to Brian, who I am certain is waiting breathlessly for my approval on his win.