Tuesday, April 13, 2010

For No One

Now that SteveQ has "called it a career" and "retired from racing" [no link - he merely strongly implies this, so I have nothing specific to link to], obviously his blog needs a new name. Something other than Run. Race. Repeat., which no longer applies.

I am all about Teh Helping so here are some suggestions for new (and some borderline-pre-owned) names to consider that will help SteveQ more fully reinvent himself:

Run. Get Hurt. Quit.

Bleed. Get Muddy. Repeat.

Phone. Date. Retreat.

Drink. Vomit. Repeat. [<-- SteveQ reinvented as Glaven.]

Run, Bitch, Run. Bitch! [<-- SteveQ reinvented as a tranny. (The extra "Bitch" is for that extra tranny goodness.)]

Rin, Butch, Rin. [<-- SteveQ reinvented as an anti-tranny.]

Run. Race. Be All Apologetic About It, Eh? [<-- SteveQ reinvented as a Canadian.]

Run. Race. Why Do You Liberals Always Have To Play The Race Card? [<-- SteveQ reinvented as a wingnut.]

Off. My. Lawn. [<-- SteveQ reinvented as a cranky codger.]

Faster. Pussycat. Kill. [<-- SteveQ reinvented as a truncated Russ Meyer movie.]

Left-Right-FullRelease. [<-- SteveQ reinvented as a "Happy Ending"-Providing Chiropractor/Runner.]

Left-Right-Dammit!-This-Fudge-Recipe-Is-In-Ancient-Hebrew!-I-Should-Have-Been-Reading-Right-to-Left! [<-- SteveQ reinvented as a failed kosher chocolatier/"Happy Ending"-Providing Chiropractor/Runner.]
  • I just mapped out a 6-mile run on MapMyRun, which, for some reason, I've decided to share with you in bullet-point format. I guess I'm just feeling lazy this morning. I will be back later with a second pullet-point to tell you how the run went.
  • 6:20 a.m. Update: 6.4 miles in 57:15, which MapMyRun reckons to be a 9:00 flat pace.Meh. A sub-9 would've been nice.
This is a near-perfect Paul song. His lyrics could be schmaltzy sometimes when he wrote songs of this type, but I always thought "For No One" was right up there with "Eleanor Rigby", lyrics-wise. Both songs are from Revolver.


  1. What happened to kind & gentle? We're not done April yet!

    Speaking of which, I still have to finish our taxes. BAH!!!!

  2. Considering his recent post, perhaps SteveQ's blog title should be "Run Caveman Run".

    Hey, think up a new blog name for me...one that does not involve archaeology, anal or pneumatic anything.

  3. I did consider changing the blog name. "Life By Misadventure" came to mind. Of the possible titles you gave, the one that doesn't work involves phoning; I make at most two phone calls per month, always to answering services - one more weird facet of all that is Steve. "For No One" would actually be a good title!

    I love "Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!" It's the only Meyers film that really delivers the goods. I've seen every Tura Satana film ("Doll Squad", also with Hadji, a fave) because of it.

  4. Dude I thought you had disappeared off the blogging earth. Way to start a new top secret blog that I only stumbled on now.