Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Found On A Hard Drive

I have no idea when I wrote this (below) or why, but I had occasion to be browsing through some of the garbage I've accumulated on my hard drive at work and I found this:

Ode to a Useless Body Part

My body has a part or two
That don't mean heck to me
I wouldn't care if one must go
By appendectomy.

For what, I ask, good ever came
From stupid appendix?
It's useless, no good - frankly lame -
Of no help in a fix.

If all your body's chapters, notes
And indices are well;
You've vetted all your body's quotes -
Appendix, go to Hell!!

Let's face it, there are other dix
Much worse that you might lose
So if it's just an appendix -
Well, that's the dix I'd choose.
For the record: I still have my appendix. And all other bodily dix.

1 comment:

  1. Ha! Hilarious. That's a keeper. Submitting it to a medical journal?