Friday, April 9, 2010

Gentility Is Springing Up Everywhere Here In Joisey!

During my lunch hour here at the library — yes, I get a whole hour! Don't you? — I was casting about for something to read as I ate my tuna sandwich; but the only thing in the break lounge was the latest issue of this free local rag called US 1. So I flipped idly through that just to kill time.

Then I noticed an ad for the Princeton Jazz Festival. If you go to the web site for the Princeton Jazz Festival, you will learn that the featured artist at this event is a jazz "combo" called "The Daddies". But if you read the print edition of US 1, you will be told, in an ad for the self-same Jazz Fest, that the featured group's actual name is The Cherry Poppin' Daddies. And, indeed, if you click on that link back there, you will find that that fuller moniker is the one the group itself goes by.

It seems the Princeton Jazz Festival is sponsored by Princeton High School, whose Genteel Administrators evidently see it as their duty to make sure that No Cherries Get Popped at Any Jazz Fest On Their Watch!

Faaaarrrr out, daddio.

 These men intend to pop some cherries. It is the Duty of Genteel People Everywhere to Thwart Them. Be vigilant. The cherry you save could be your own.


  1. What I feel is the worst part of this is that it is a fundraiser for the high school band "parents" association. Why would a parents assocation need to fundraise at all? They felt compelled to mention that the school and school district are not a part of this and are separate orgainizations (I wonder if they host their own fundraising concerts).

    This a Joisey thing?

    PS: I wonder if this "Deb" is really a kidnapper who has LuMu in a basement somewhere and a ransom will be issued shortly. Sort of like "Ruthless People" with the Divine Miss M playing the part of LuMu - she did do a lot of running in that movie....

  2. The people I work with are union, so they get an hour. I'm contract, so I get as long as I want. Yesterday was 1.5 hours.

    Well, if "Deb" has LuMu shackled in a basement, she's also an identity thief. And, to tell the truth, if *I* had LuMu shacked in a basement, I'd have higher priorities than commenting on blogs. I'd be putting her to work vacuuming in exchange for chocolate. What were you thinking? (Perverts.)