Sunday, April 4, 2010

Gentle Easter Post: A Gentle Morning Run

I woke up ridiculously early for my race yesterday. In general, I tend to wake up way too early on two types of days:

1. Race Days
2. All other days

I am, in other words, an early riser. This is a gift bequeathed me by Teh 'Mom, who was a bit of an insomniac, and it is The Gift That Keeps On Giving, despite my pleas for it to stop, already.

So I was up way too early yesterday and I managed to get completely wiped out for the day by running a mere 5k (which, for our Canadian viewers, is the equivalent of 3.1 miles; in fact, it is the equivalent of 3.1 miles regardless of your nationality, unless you live in the country of, say, East Base4Math-istan). I did manage to brew an IPA and I did manage to drink a few IPAs while doing so, along with about 20 ounces of a Belgian Tripel, which isn't exactly a recipe for staving off that drowsy feeling you started out with, and by "you" I mean "me".

That being the case, I did not think that I would be going for a run any time soon. Especially when today, yet again, I woke up way too early. Not as way-too-early as yesterday, but pretty way-too-early considering I could have slept till Noon and still not have missed any pressing appointments, what with it being Easter Sunday and all.

So I really didn't think, after yesterday's running and drinking and brewing and not-sleeping, that I'd be doing any running today. In fact, I said to Teh 'Bride, "Today's an off day."

But I've found that one of the best recovery methods after a day of too much running, brewing, drinking, not-sleeping, is exercise of some sort. And I didn't feel like doing exercise-exercise, so I decided to go on a short run to shake the legs out. So I plotted out a short 3.4 mile on Dr. Nic's nemesis, MapMyRun, and headed out the door with my water bottle strapped to my waist.

Now, I don't normally carry a water bottle for a 3.x-mile run because the run is over before I have a chance to feel the need for water. But, as I said earlier (look a few paragraphs above; you'll find I'm right in claiming I already said this), I'd had, the previous day, 20 ounces of a Belgian Tripel, which is quite possibly the most effective diuretic known to man, and it had caused me to micturate numerous times and thereby eliminate roughly 20 gallons of liquid from my body. (I am praying that this detail does not come across as Vulgar and unGentle. I tried to be as circumspect and dainty as I could.)

That being the case, I thought carrying a water bottle for my short run was, as they say, the better part of valor.

I really would have been happy with 10-minute miles. But at about the half mile mark of the run, I was somewhat surprised to see I felt really good; and I realized that I could easily improvise a 4-mile route, which I decided to do. But as the run progressed, I felt even stronger, so I expanded it some more, knowing I'd be okay because I had, providentially, brought enough water along for a much longer run.

In the end, I ran 6.82 miles at a 9:05 pace and never once felt I was pushing it.

For me, this qualifies as an Easter Miracle.


  1. Yes, that was circumspect and gentle. Since you were wondering. However, the post is unclear about the state of the water bottle, whether it was full or empty at the start. You talk of the need for water in close proximity having passed about 20 gallons (American, or Canadian, I wonder?), so one could be forgiven for thinking that you're still in the mood to pass water, and feel the need to bring along a container for it, so as not to desecrate your neighbour's lawns. Sounds like a great run! Take your miracles where you get them.

  2. 1 gallon of water weighs approximately 8.35 lbs. If you were to loose 20 gallons of liquid from your body, you'd have lost 167 lbs. Roughly.

    So, if two trains 10 miles apart travel toward each other at, one at 6mph, the other 4mph and a fly goes back and forth between their headlights at 13 mph until they meet, how far does the fly travel?

  3. Belated congrats on your 5k. Thanks a smokin' time, G!

    I know you are sleep deprived, but I have to say I envy you for being an early riser. No matter how cranky I am, I will always get more stuff done in a day if I wake up early. Sadly, not too much stuff is getting done around these parts lately. Boo.

    P.S.--My mom asked me why you had deleted your comment from my blog. I said it was because you thought it had been mean. I for the record did not see it that way. I think my mom may have a crush on you. Either that or she fears you're a deranged stalker and gonna come after her daughter. It's a toss up really. :)

  4. Micturate.

    That sounds definitely a lot daintier than what I've been doing on the run.