Saturday, April 10, 2010

House: The Genteel Demolition

I was really sad when Teh 'Bro told me a month or so ago that the Phillies had — as he'd so felicitously put it — "kicked third baseman Pedro Feliz to the curb." (I don't know when, during the off-season, this happened; it may have been a long time ago, for all I know, because I don't follow the Phils during the off-season. I depend on Teh 'Bro to inform me of off-season trades, roster cuts, etc. in the same way that I depend on SteveQ to tell me when yet another rock 'n' roll icon has died. The big difference being I'm sure Teh 'Bro isn't making these off-season deals himself; but I'm still unsure as to whether SteveQ is knocking off all these Rock icons himself. What is in that fudge he's so obsessed with making, anyway? What happened to all those other ultra runners he shared it with? I certainly haven't received any information regarding their animation status lately. Just gently saying, is all.)

Feliz was not my favorite of the Phillies players, but I liked him a lot because he would come through with clutch hits when no one else was doing so and he was an absolutely great fielding third baseman. Now I realize saying a player is a great fielder is the baseball equivalent of going out on a date with someone and feeling obliged, afterwards, to talk politely about her (or his) "personality". "O, she had a great personality" is just the polite way of saying, "There are not enough head-accommodating canvas sacks in the world to make me want to" [... let's just say for the sake of gentility ...] "procreate with that one. But I gave her Cletus's phone number because he'd 'procreate' with anything, including siblings and larger house pets, and the larger house pets just proves he's not into it for the procreating angle."

The point is, I was sad to see old Pedro go.

But Teh 'Bro informed me that the guy the Phils got to play third instead, this Polanco dude, was just as good a fielder as Feliz and an even better hitter. In fact, a great hitter. He's currently batting .579. Last night he went 4 for 5, knocking in two runs and scoring two. In game one of this season, he went 3 for 5 and knocked in six runs, four of them from a grand slam he hit in the seventh inning.

I still like Feliz and I was happy to learn, last night, that he's found a spot on Houston's roster.

But ... welcome to Philly, Plácido Polanco!
Ian became fascinated with the house demolition that took place a week or so ago at the end of the road we live on. (It was kinda cool.) He took it upon himself to learn how to take videos with our camera and he obsessively documented the demotion of the house with numerous videos, some lasting as long as 7 minute — on a camera-camera, not a video camera.

The one below is a mere minute and thirty-two seconds, and includes Ian's awed "O my God!" at around the 1:19 mark. If you like seeing things get blowed up, you should enjoy this as much as Ian did.


  1. You know what's even more fun that watching one of those excavators? Driving one.

    As for blah Phillies blah blah Pedro blah trade blah blah hitter blah. (shakes self awake, takes a big sip of coffe.) I'm sorry, what were you saying?

  2. Here at the Film Farm Report we like things that "Blow Up Good." That's a good start for New Jersey.

    In the spirit of April gentility: please correct "herd" to "heard" and "favorite Phillies" to "favorite Phillie."

  3. @SteveQ: Fixed, but fixed my way, because it is more circumlocutory than what you suggest!

  4. Oops. My bad. Fixed. Sorry. I'd email apologies, but you didn't respond to the first one I sent to your work address. Figured it had been eated by your spam filters.

  5. Well, then, hrrumph, "doing so" should be "so doing" - take THAT! "Blowed up" is, of course, just peachy.

  6. I just found the next Mrs. Q.

  7. Little shaky there, Ian. Like watching Cloverfield. Get the kid a tripod, why don't you!