Monday, April 19, 2010

Ian Catches a Perch

We went to Teh 'Bro's house in the Poke-a-nose this weekend (hence, the two-day dearth of posts) to get in a Nice Spring Weekend By The Lake, and this here is what we woke up to on Sunday morning:

Yeah, it was that cold. It snowed overnight, albeit not much. And actually, I didn't wake up to that because by the time I rolled outta bed at like 9:30 (late for me; but Teh 'Bro and I had been up till like 1:30 the night before drinking a certain fermented beverage that makes your head feel a bit ... swollen the next day), it had melted. But the snow was still coming down. And so Teh 'Bride and Teh Sis-in-Law are jabbering away on the sofa and I'm thinking, Hey! They don't even realize it's snowing! and so I, like a 5 year old, keep trying to interrupt their conversation by saying: "Look! It's snowing!" and I get no reaction so I keep saying it: "Hey! Important News, Over Here! It's SNOWING!" until Teh 'B, without even looking at me, calmly removes the camera from its case and scrolls to that there pic up there and pushes it in front of my face.

Her little nonverbal way of indicating, Yeah. We KNOW.

I guess some people just have trouble using their words.
There was supposed to be a post on Saturday. It was gonna be on a Who song. I will probably finish it later today and upload it — two posts today to make up for the missed days over the weekend.

Here's what cockblocked the Saturday upload:

I was rushing to finish the post on Saturday before we left for the Poconos and I had two tabs open in Firefox, one my work-in-progress blog post; the other Google reader, I guess. So at one point, for some reason even I can't fathom, I logged out of GR, forgetting that would log me outta blogger, also. I then typed about 5 paragraphs at the end of my supposed-to-be-Saturday post and of course ... they never got saved.

I have no idea what I said in those paragraphs; now I hafta try to remember so I can finish that post and upload it later today.

And consider yourself lucky, because I'm pre-warning you that's it's mostly about The Who and I know there are many of you who just silently roll your eyes at my music posts because you, like Teh 'Bride, don't always know how to use your words. So right now, I'm kinda rolling my eyes at you.

Hurts, don't it? Remember that feeling next time you roll your eyes at me.
And now, Ian Catches A Fish!


  1. Ok, the SECOND video you have posted that I have actually watched and BY FAR the most adorable.

    Sheesh, G, watch out, I might go thinking you have a heart or something.

    oh, and


  2. And another thing, I am a high school teacher., I am impervious to eyerolling. Some believe that it actually makes us stronger and that each time we have eyes rolled at us, we become more like Super Teachers. Faster than speeding text message, more powerful than venomous "Whatever!", able to bore a child in a single sentence!

    Ok, I will go work now. *Shuffles off to get blamed for all of the idiocy in today's U.S.*

  3. Fishermen never stop - someday, you'll have a post entitled "Ian purchases a ketch."

  4. Did you teach him how to lie about how big the fish was? Video makes it more of a challenge though....