Friday, April 16, 2010

Biebler? UPDATED!

If you're like me (and I pray to dog you're not), you've probably been wondering, "Whatever happened to Baby Jane Dr. Nic?"

He barely posts anymore and comments from him are as rare as gentility from me in this latter half of the Genteel Month of April.

Well, now the truth can be told. For years, Dr Super Runner was immediately identifiable by two trademark "looks": his military buzzcut and his ladies' formal eveningwear arm-length gloves, both on display in the pic below:

(Also on display: Typical Cheesehead pasty whiteness. Is that a jar of mayo in his right hand? Sorry, Nic. You ain't no bruvva.)

But the real reason we haven't seen Nic lately is he decided to let his hair grow. He was so excited to show us how he'd look with a Big Boy haircut! But something went radically, terribly, Bieberly wrong with his 'do:

Awww, don't be too sad, Dr. Nic! carpeviam would still run her hands through your hair! (But don't get any ideas. She has a detached uterus.)
UPDATE: I'm viewer # 10,001 at SteveQ's blog! Woohoo! In yer faces, luuuuuzers! I'm totally Palindromical!

I think the whole "Bad Hair" thing is why we rarely see j'og anymore these daze, too:

O, you silly Ultra Runners and your Inexplicable Hair Vanity!


  1. second, your genteel posts are loosing their genteelness. you're treading a fine line, gavin.

  2. i don't get the 'biebler' part...

  3. never mind. i googled "biebler" and got the feedback "did you mean 'bieber?'"

    this is, by far, the most hurtful thing you've ever posted about me.

    have a terrible weekend.

  4. I always think that trail marker in the first photo looks like an ear tag for a wayward farm animal.

    Ya know, people looking at that snapshot of my blog might get the wrong idea and think I'm some sort of super runner, but I couldn't beat Dr. Nic even with the arm panties holding his testosterone at bay.

  5. "I hereby announce that, for the entire month of April, I will attempt to post only the most genteel of posts. No "fuck this" or "n*ts@ck that"; no calling people "anal whoo-wers" even when it's true, for truth will not be a defense for boorish behavior in Teh Genteel Month of April.

    I will also attempt to post something every single day for the full 30 days of April, a feat I nearly achieved, unintentionally, in this here month of March."

    Genteel, yes.
    Every day, no. Good try. Unless the mysterious interwebs eated it.