Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's Take Your Brat To Work Day ...

... and I set Ian up with his own PC here in IT and he's currently watching this:

Then he watches actual Lady Gaga videos.

Not that different from what his daddy does at work, really, if you think about it ...
They finally — finally — posted the official times for that 5k I ran back on the third of this month. 23:53.66. 73rd place (out of 288 runners).

So ... exactly as I reported it when it was unofficial.

In other news, this weekend's 15k is NOT a trail run, as I erroneously assumed. (I assumed that because it's in a rural part of my mostly rural county and it starts in a park.) But I looked at pics from last year's race and the path is paved.


  1. I never found out what my dad did at work until a decade after he retired. Somehow, I doubt that Ian's finding out what you do, either.

  2. On "The Simpsons" last night it showed one of Bart's toys being manufactured in...of course...China. And the sign on the Chinese factory said, "Force Your Daughter To Work Day". LOL

  3. I had thought about figuring out who or what Lady Gaga is, but then I consoled myself with the thought that by the time I got around to it, there would be no need anymore.

  4. So by announcing that the 15k is not a trail race or you saying that you are doing it?

    Very cool. Sounds like the calf is back in order!

    (Apologies for my atypical nicey-nice comment. Teenage apathy has squashed my will to live today)

  5. Wow. Way to go, Dad. Looks like Ian learned A LOT about the Dewey Decimal System.

    Way to "stick it to the man" by letting him watch Lady Gaga instead of actually watching his daddy work.


  6. The apple does not fall far from the tree, I see. Awesome.

  7. Having gotten to work a good three hours early today, this brightened my day considerably. That video is a riot