Monday, April 26, 2010

Morning Run in the Rain; And Official Results

I figured this morning was as good a time as any to shake the legs out after the the 15k race on Saturday. On Sunday, I took it relatively easy, doing some stretching, some yoga and 3.7 miles on Morrissey in 10:15, so I reckoned I had better do some kind of run today so the legs could recover better.

I plotted out a 5-mile run, but figured I could improvise a longer one if the legs seemed up to it. Much to my surprise, my thighs were achier than anything else after Saturday's race. Not that they were very achy; it's just that I have done 9-mile (and longer) runs before and I don't remember it affecting my thighs this much. Of course, the pace I managed to keep in the race was a much quicker one than I had ever accomplished on my longer training runs, so maybe that was it.

Anyway, I ended up improvising a 6.41-mile run at what I considered an easy pace, which, when I got home, I found out was a 9:11 pace. Not bad. I'll take it.

The calf is holding up okay. It was just great during the race, so if it wants me to baby it a bit for awhile now, that's fine — that's a perfectly reasonable trade off. My next race is not till mid-May, and it's a 5k, so it shouldn't be too hard to prepare for that. The week after that, I have another 5k, but it's a trail run. That should be interesting.

My GOD this is a fucking boring post!

So let's just cut it short then.

Here are the official numbers for the 15k:

I was 236th in a field of 374 runners ... so .. bottom third of the class.

Official time: 1:22:31.16. Pace: 8:51. There were 214 males and I was 165th; I was 24th of 33 men in my AG (M45-49).

I was pretty happy with my performance on Saturday but looking at the numbers objectively? Gotta admit, they kinda suck.

Which is fine because "suck" is pretty much my own assessment of my running skills. So I'm not disappointed by them.

Sorry for the boring post! Better luck with the next post you read, Anonymous Reader, because this one is finished sucking!


  1. At least you finished the race. Despite the suckage. A DNF would be worse, right?

  2. This post is much less boring than the one before it. Much. Congrats on the great run!

  3. I disagree with the whole "suck" assessment. Didn't you used to be MUCH suckier? I believe you did. And 24/33 in your age group is not especially sucktastic at all, considering the fact that that is a tough, tough age group.

    Keith is correct. Your previous post? Much suckier.

  4. Suckage? I see no absolutely no suckage.

    I have yet to break more than the top 85% of my age group, much less the race. I am pretty sure I have not even the top 85% of all short, fat blonds running any particular race.

    I would peel someone's penis like a banana to run 9+ miles at a 8:51 pace. (and yes, by "someone" I mean you and yes, that is literally not figuratively.)

    So quite yer bitchin' and enjoy your PR.

  5. I'll admit it, I had great hopes for a post from you that starts with:

    "I figured this morning was as good a time as any to shake the legs out..."

    Such high hopes...