Thursday, April 8, 2010

Perpetual Crazy Machine

As I have mentioned on more than one occasion, Teh 'Bride is the Head of the Youth Services Department in her library system. If she had the choice of whether or not to take this appointment to make all over again, she would opt not to. And with good reason. Having to manage people — to put it in borderline unGenteel terms — pretty much sucks.

There were always crazy people in the Youth Services Department; and there were times when Teh 'B would understandably come home lamenting, "If only I didn't have to deal with X [the craziest one], things wouldn't be so bad." And then something would happen and X would move on or leave the department and then inevitably — inevitably — someone else in the department would step up to fill the crazy void. It might be another crazy person just increasing the crazy or it might be a person formerly thought sane just deciding to let her Freak Flag Fly, but the overall level of crazy never diminished. For The 'Bride, Hell is Other People in a Youth Services Department.

This led me to develop my Crazy Hypothesis, which states: Teh level of Crazy in Any Closed System [e.g., a Youth Services Department] Must Remain Constant.

Except that, over the last year, the Level of Crazy in Teh 'Bride's YS Department seems to be on the increase. Check that — it is undeniably on the increase. I won't go into details, but trust me on this.

So I had to revise my theory [yes, SteveQ, I know using "theory" and "hypothesis" interchangeably is technically incorrect, but don't go all Youth Services on me because of it] to state that Teh Level of Crazy in Any Closed System Cannot Diminish and Often Even Increases.

This seemed both true ... and impossible. Because it seemed to violate the second law of thermodynamics, one of the consequences of which is that, due to the nature of the physical universe, there cannot  be such a thing as a Perpetual Motion Machine. But Teh 'Bride's YS Department seemed to violate this law because it is a functioning Perpetual Crazy Machine. What gives?

Then I recalled that The Second Law of Thermodynamics has to do with the amount of entropy, or disorder, in any closed system. And it states that, over time, order will inevitably decrease and disorder will increase. Now, Craziness is obviously disorder. So Teh 'Bride's Department is not violating the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

I have not yet informed her of this, but I'm sure it will bring her tons of comfort and make her job far more pleasant to do.
I note, with sadness, the Passing Into Teh Great Beyond of The Loose Moose's blog. At some point I intend to do a whole post dedicated to what her hilarious blog meant to me personally, but that will have to wait a day or two at least. Teh Moose herself left a comment on one of my posts from yesterday giving a vague explanation as to why she decided to delete her blog. I lament that decision, but I will respect it, hoping, the whole while, that she will eventually change her mind and either re-start the old blog, or set up a new one. Because I miss her humor already.
In a comment yesterday, Anonymous asked me which Lennon bios were the best to read. I haven't read them all, but my facile answer would be all of them, even the bad ones — maybe even Goldman's, if for no other reason than to get an idea of how Satan would write a biography. But Philip Norman's John Lennon: The Life, which came out about a year and a half ago, is probably as good a place to start as any. Also, Coleman's Lennon: The Definitive Biography is pretty good. Supplement those two with Spitz's The Beatles: The Biography, and you've got a pretty good start.

A guy named Ian MacDonald wrote a book called Revolution in the Head: The Beatles' Records and the Sixties, which is his thoughts on each and every song the Beatles released. Some of what he says is debatable; some flat out wrong. Some of it is just odd. (E.g., in discussing "Helter Skelter", MacDonald, for some reason, indulges in a looooong diatribe aimed at 3-piece power groups like Cream, the advent of which he seems for some reason to blame on this song despite the fact that "HS" was recorded in 1968 and Cream formed in 1966; plus, all four Beatles played on "HS". Also, I like Cream. Perhaps an even better example: In discussing "The Long and Winding Road", a Paul song on which John played bass — not his usual instrument — MacDonald claims to hear a bass note so egregiously bad that he bases (no pun intended) his contention that John deliberately tried to sabotage Paul's songs around this one sour note that I myself, I admit, cannot even hear. This is a contention so loony that is is worthy of Albert Goldman.)

Most of what MacDonald says, though, is insightful. Well worth reading.
Today, I will do exercise, stretching an perhaps a bit on the old recumbent exercise bike.


  1. Ahh, non-kankle run. I feel better. My mind must have wandered a bit while reading your entropous post.

    I forgot to mention re: your previous gentle-ish hormone comment -

    Bitching is free, moaning costs extra.

  2. Craziness expands to fill the available space. Newton: a person being crazy tends to stay crazy.
    Kepler: Craziness sweeps out an equal volume of space in a given time.

    Since you probably missed it, something crazy for dessert:

  3. Dang - as I started reading today's entry about craziness, I started formulating a witty comment about the 2nd theory of thermodynamics. Then, bang! My thunder is stolen...

    I second the recommendation on the Philip Norman book on Lennon. Great stuff there.

  4. You also made a subtle error in thinking about the size of your closed system. As it turns out, crazy people are crazy magnets. They suck crazy out of other people. All the time. Then they migrate the crazy to other places, like a library Youth Services Department run by Teh Bride.

  5. I saw that Taiwanese boy singing like WH. It gave me the heebie-jeebies.

    Perhaps LooMoo also adopted 2 pups and got sucked into the poop-pee void wherein blogging becomes near impossible :(

    Poop & pee are never cute. Especially in my kitchen.

  6. Poor Bride, having to deal with truckloads of craziness both in the workplace AND at home. You should take it easy on her and play sane for awhile. ;)

    Speaking of crazy - how 'bout that joyRuN??!! ME? Get a PUPPY??!! As if! Everyone knows they're just savage, barely domesticated wolves who will one day eat your eyeballs right outta yer skull. Don't come 'round here whining, joyRuN, when you're all eye-less and such. I'll have zero pity, missy.