Friday, April 23, 2010

Photo Op

A friend of ours is a producer at CNN (aka, Teh Epicenter Of Teh Global Liberal Media Conspiracy®), and yesterday he took his kids to work with him; and whereas my kid spent the day getting intimately acquainted with Teh Wonder That Is Youtubal Surrogate Parenting/Babysitting, his kids were doing this:

Yeah, that's right. Being photographed with Nancy Pelosi on The Speaker's Balcony (the balcony outside her office). That there is Eamon on the left: He looks about as thrilled as a teabagger to be spending time with NP. "Don't touch me! It burns! IT BURNS!!1!"

Anyway, that's Teh Global Liberal Media Conspiracy® for you: Always doing their all to make me look like an inferior parent.


  1. That is relatively depressing, isn't it?...

  2. Is that the Washington Monument sticking out of his head, or is that a horn?

  3. At least you are a parent, with a kid to take to work. Good for you. I didn't see any kids here. But then, I work in a huge cube farm filled with people staring intently and (hopefully) thoughtfully at computer screens. Any kid worth his salt coming in here would slit his wrists faster than listening to a Leonard Cohen record.

    I used to think, when I saw pics of politicians being photographed artistically, that they're on the taxpayer dime and should get back to work. Then I realized their work was screwing over the rest of us.

  4. At that age, I would've much preferred hanging out with hawt library chix (TWO OF THEM!!) than with Nancy Pelosi.

    Shit. Even at this age. That Pelosi chick bugs me.

  5. The kids look like they are in a scared straight program. I would have rather hung out at the library.