Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pre-Race Post

I'll be leaving for my 15k race in a half hour or so. The USATF site describes the route thus: "Scenic route consisting of farms, trails, and neighborhoods." So when I said a couple posts ago that I was wrong because it is not a trail run ... I was wrong; because it is. In part, at least.

As I said before, my only goal is to finish. I'm not worried about time or placement or anything like that. 9.33 miles is 3.1 miles more than I have ever raced and so, since it's a guaranteed PR if I finish, my goal is to PR, which, in this case is just another way of saying that my goal is to finish.

I'm pretty sure other runners out there who read this may have a hard time empathizing. I can fairly hear them going, "15k and his only goal is to finish? What kinda pussy is this guy?"

Well, I'm the kinda pussy who'll have a 15k PR if I achieve my goal, so who's the pussy now, huh?

Right. Still me.

But a pussy with a PR.

SO EAT IT, hypothetical judgey readers!

(The PR. Not the pussy.)


  1. You start running trails as soon as I stop - coincidence?

    You were right. I'm going to try to write my way out of the hole I dug, on a temporary invite-only blog.

  2. But a pussy with a PR.
    SO EAT IT, hypothetical judgey readers!
    (The PR. Not the pussy.)

    And so ends gentle-ISH April, a full 6 days shy of your goal.

    *look of smug satisfaction*

    RE: your patently UN-GENTLE comment on my blog (which, dear readers, is the ONLY way he remained gentle-ish here on his blog as long as he did)

    First with a cock reference!1!
    (BTW, mine's bigger.)

    That is only because of the hormones and my tatas are nicer. *raspberry*

    Rock on with the 15k PR. My first trail run changed my running life. It was amazing. Of course, it has lead to my Glenn Close-esgue obsession with ultra runners, but I digress...

    So when you running a marathon with me? :)

  3. Hey, you two...