Sunday, April 25, 2010

Raúl Ibañez!1!

My guy finally came through! First homer of the season in the ninth to win it for the Phils, 3-2!

[Oops!  Ibañez's homer was in the 7th to tie it up. Werth's second homer of the night won it in the 9th. JAYSON!1! Woo-Hoo!]

Woo-Hoo! Ibañez!1!

Actually, it's not fair to say he finally came through because, yeah, he's only hitting .222 even after going 2 for 4 last night, and so has been in a hitting slump, obviously; but he's worked a lot of key walks (he has 13, which is ninth in the NL), and he's got 4 doubles already. His On Base Percentage is .362, which is better than it was last year.


(In baseball? You can "prove" anything with stats.)

Ibañez!1! Woo-Hoo!

Ibañez and Werth crushed all three homers as you can see in this video. Bonus: The Diamondbacks' batboy is a member of the AARP.


  1. I think I can prove that my New York Metropolitans may never get to .500 this year and I don't even need stats! I just _know_ it as an inescapable truth.

  2. How about those Padres?

    We are all in a state of semi-shock here :-)

  3. I'm expecting people to ask me to move away from Minnesota, as the Twins are in first place. The last time I did that, they won the World Series. When I moved back, they were finishing their last really good season.

    I'm thinking Devil Rays this year for the other pennant.

  4. What kills me is that some of the people who watch baseball and golf say they don't like watching football (real football, not the pussified north american football) because nothing ever happens. Talk about cognitive dissonance.