Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ungenteel Post: Where Are You, Lumu??

Teh Loose Moose's blog has disappeared!

Come BACK, LuMu! I'm being NICE this month! You're missing out on it.

Teh Loose Moose celebrates another racing victory by removing her top and showing off her tassled "antlers" (Artist's Approximation)
(Bodily hair content deliberately downplayed and minimized as part of Genteel April)


  1. :(

    I am holding out hope she is pulling a belated April Fools joke.

  2. I'm here. Just, for many reasons, decided that it was time to dump the blog. I still plan to be an avid reader/commenter, however, so don't go thinking you've gotten rid of me.

    And while your approximation is fairly accurate, it'd be better with just a leeetle bit of boob chafe.

  3. Who is this Deb person and what did she do with the real LooMoo?

    It is not like I am writing any blog posts so I need you other fine writers to fill the void of my craptastic blog.