Friday, May 7, 2010

Mid-Hiatus Update

Yeah, yeah, I know: I said I wouldn't post again till my birthday, which is still 8 days away, but if you people don't know by now what a fucking liar I am, then you don't deserve the courtesy of my keeping my word. As for those of you who do know what a fucking liar I am, well ... I fucking lied when I said I wouldn't post till my birthday ... what'd you fucking expect? And as for RBR ... why don't you and SteveQ just get a blog together already and stop all this pussy-footing around each other? Geez, what are you - in junior high? COMMIT already!

[Confidential to SteveQ: RBR likes to be on top. Because here she is ON TOP OF YOU already in my Google Reader:

What a whoo-wer! (She's highlighted in blue because she's a tranny.)]

Hahahahahaha! I know that message above was supposed to be for SteveQ only, but I read it anyway and I thought it was funny. Especially the part where RBR gets called a whoo-wer!

[Confidential to RBR: "Whoo-wer" is high praise in my book. And by "my book" I mean, of course, The Book of Whoo-wers. I own the only copy. You don't want to know what I had to do to get it.]

Okay, so the reason I broke radio silence is: There are 28 comments on my last post, which sounds like a lot but that's deceptive because in reality there're  like three comments by other bloggers and 25 by RBR. If she posts one more there, I will be legally obliged to give it up to her. And by "it" I mean my blog, nothing else, because I'm not a whoo-wer1. So here, RBR - here's a new place to post your comments.

Second reason I posted: I attended a "Save Our Libraries Rally" in Trenton yesterday (the current Joisey governor wants to cut state money to libraries by 74%) and ... my picture appeared in the online version of The Star Ledger, here! But don't bother clicking that link, cos they changed the fucking picture since yesterday.

Luckily, I managed to copy the picture of me in the crowd that appeared yesterday. To spot me in the pic below, just keep your eye out for a guy in a red shirt, tall, movie-star handsome, granite jawline, perfect teeth, high cheekbones, killer bod ...

I'm the creepy-looking troll standing to his left.


No, really, here I am, circled in red to help you spot me. I have on a red shirt and black pants and if you look close, you can see that I have both hands in my pockets because I guess both sides of my n*ts@ck were itching at the same time2:

Can you see me there, in the back(ish) on the right? I circled myself. (Click to embiggen.)

And now, to complete the pictorial posting triumvirate, here's this:

That's right - soon to be a Major Motion Picture (in two parts3): joyRuN's Killah @$$!1!


See, it's been a while since joyRuN has uploaded a picture of her killah @$$ - you'd think she almost regrets having ever done it! - so I thought it was time to remind the blogosphere what all the hubba-hubba-butt hubbub was about. joyRuN's (Killah) @$$ is remarkable in many ways, not the least of which is how it announces itself as "joyRuN's Killah @$$" every time she backs into a room. When you think about the myriad killah ways that an @$$ could announce its presence, this way, her way, is probably among the most polite and the least stinky. We should support that kind of consideration.


UPDATE:  [Confidential to SteveQ and RBR: If you two are gonna virtually Do It in the comment section of my blog, could you hang a sweat sock on the Post Title or something so people will know to stay away? Because I accidentally saw your comments and it was more disturbing than the time I walked in on my parents when they were getting bizzz-ZAY making a Little Catholic. Geez! And I just finished therapy for that!]
1 I'm a man-whoo-wer. There's a difference.

2 Or not.

3 Or "hemispheres".

4 Please don't kill me, joyRuN!


  1. Fst (need the shortened typing time to be certain)!

  2. I knew you wouldn't last on your hiatus. Welcome back to the blogworld.

  3. Thanks for being the first person to use my name and "commit" in the same sentence, without implying institutionalization.

    (and I like the woman on top, because I tend to fall asleep almost instantly afterward and I can't sleep on my belly and someone else's belly at the same time - that just perplexes me in its seeming duality)

  4. Great to have you back!

    Christie's only cutting 74%? I had heard through my VastRightWingConspiracyGrapevine that he was instructed on NO LESS than 81%. 81% would guarantee that they peace-loving library rallyers would come to blows with the rabid #1 threat to society tea partiers in a winner-take-all battle!

    It's good to have you back, G! Now what about the Philly Tazer policy?

  5. You look seriously hawt in that picture. HAWT!!!

    Wait, wait. "Hawt" means "nondescript with traces of fuzziness and graininess", yes?

    Happy (almost) birthday!!!!!

  6. Who is at the top of that google reader screen snippet? Must be a blog of some significance....

    Show mercy joyRun, show mercy.

  7. Disturbed by text? And you work in a library???? Happy birthday, when it gets here. I still don't see an address, and the post office is still being fussy, so don't be looking for anything from Calgary. Sorry.

  8. I just set up a post to be published on your birthday. If I have time, I'll try to write one that actually requires some thought as well.

  9. I'm a man-whoo-wer. There's a difference.

    Yes, the main difference being that you don't actually get any. *blows raspberry in your general direction*

  10. Getting someone used to snark-filled posts everyday, then taking them away, then posting a teaser, then stopping again...

    Kind of mean.

    I am just saying

    BTW: I responded to your, yet again, unprovoked attack on SQ's blog.

  11. 7 of the last 8 comments on my blog were by RBR. It's getting hard to keep up.

    (Yeah, snicker...)

  12. And all this time I thought I had a killah a$$. Maybe mine will win "supporting role."

  13. You're not gonna take that lying down (as it were), are you?

    No, actually, I prefer to be standing.

    Bet you did not think I would go there, did you? I see your innuendo and raise you one, as it were.

    *sigh* mandated scholastic time wasting, called "statewide testing" is over. I must actually go back to real work. What will you and SQ do all day without my endless SPAMing of comments? :)

  14. I went back through these comments and said "That's What She Said" after each sentence.

    Yeah, there were some funny ones in there.


  15. 3 more days. 3 more days until you are


    Hoo! That made me laugh. I guess I don't need your stinkin' posts.

    I hope you are having a good week. You know, enjoying what remains of your 40's. :)

  16. Hey, where IS joyRuN? She should be attacking by now.

  17. LOL....the new blog title is priceless...and as the rainbow color indicates, it is also "Tranny friendly"