Wednesday, May 12, 2010

OMFG!1! Hiatus Post 2

I'm working on a web page for a summer reading program about turtles and I'm browsing through the "tu-" section of my images to see if I already have an acceptable image of a turtle and I find this:

I do not know why Ian was dressed up in a tutu back when he was - what? looks like maybe 4? - nor do I know why I have two pix of him in the tutu on my work computer, but since I do I figured, Well, why not upload one to the Interwebs? He still looks more masculine than Dr. Nic in his Ladies' Evening Gloves.

So here you go - for your delectation.

Ian must never know ... are we agreed?


  1. Oh. My. Gawd!! I love it! Could he be more adorable?! He makes my ovaries hurt he is so gosh darn cute!

    You do realize that people will now start talking about him being your love child with a certain tranny I know.

    I am just saying...

  2. hey...was running a long race this weekend when "dogs" by pink floyd came up in the rotation on the shuffle. really listening to the lyrics made me wonder what your take on the song would be. any chance we can get a long-winded and heavily footnoted discussion on the song?

  3. who dresses that boy? he could at LEAST have the tag on the BACK of the tutu! or is that an ipod shuffle on the front?

  4. Poor Ian. He's topless, ferchrisakes. Buy that poor kid a glittery, sequin bra already.

    (I have a similar photo of Teh BoyMoose. He's wearing a pink tutu, cowboy boots and a blue velvet pointy princess hat. And he's like, EIGHT. I LOVE that picture.)

  5. Who knew your boy was a cross dresser? so appropriate. Too funny G. good one.

  6. He'll never be able to get a real job now. Nice job ruining his career prospects.