Friday, May 28, 2010

Reich This Way, Ms. Gitler

I'm working on pages for various branches' children's events for the Summer Reading Program, which is less than a month away, and it's making me a bit punchy, which may explain why I pert-near wet myself laffin' when I noticed the last name of the presenter of one event:


Pictured above: Gaydolf Gitler,Teh First Log Cabin Nazi. (It's about time!)

(The actual presenter is female. Poor, unfortunately-named girl. Because I think Adolph ruined all names that end in -itler, not just Hitler1.)

UPDATE: The program is on Marine Science. Which Whale Tail pic should I use on the web page?

UPDATE II: The names are conspiring against me today because now I'm doing a page for an event featuring a magician whose last name is Vagias and I challenge anyone to type that name without feeling the need to insert an n.

Hey, baby, can I stick my 'n' in your Vagias?

Tee-heeI Okey-doke! Sure thing, hon!
1 Except Titler. That's still a good name. Why aren't more people named "Titler"?


  1. Even I'm disturbed now by your posts. That's saying something!

  2. I don't even want to know where you found that last picture. Holy moley...

  3. Isn't that a tattoo of Pete Townsend on the shoulder of the second whale tail?

  4. I go back to work next week. If we're lucky, I can get a whale tail pic for you to use for your program.

  5. RBR was mad at the ATV photo - wait til she sees this one of her!

  6. Oh... and "Gitler" - ick, it sounds too much like "Giebler."

  7. @SteveQ: I shaved that mustache years ago, but my abs are just as rockin.