Monday, May 24, 2010

Small And Random (No Spoilers)

Two things, unrelated to each other:

1. I am going to miss Lost.

2. Micro$oft products are fucktarded. Tonight while I was on the desk, a woman called in saying she had lost - here at the library on Saturday or Sunday, she thinks - an envelope with her DL, her credit cards, and her library card. It did not get turned in to the Circ desk lost-and-found ... but I sent out an e-mail to all Ref and Circ staff, just in case. It included the line below (that's a jpg pic of how it actually looked in Outlook):
As you can see from the green line under "remember", Outlook thinks I committed some sort of grammatical error.

Its suggested "correction"? "... in case it turns up or you remembers anything."
UPDATE: Third Bonus Random Thing!

The July Who program just got easier because the guy I'm doing it with (not in that sense, pervs) suggested we each just pick 6 or 7 songs and talk about them.

I won't even have to tie all this shit together thematically! Woo-hoo! Because I wasn't doing a very good job of it!


  1. RE: The Who lectures - I thought it had a nice flow and am a little disappointed it has been truncated. *shrugs*

    RE: Microsoft - That is what it took to prove to you Micro$oft was fucktarded? Me thinks you are just bored at work.

    Just for shits and giggles I typed "Me thinks" into a Word document and it did not get the dreaded green underline.

  2. You know RBR is really a high school English teacher in disguise...

    I'm in agreement. I was rather enjoying The Who series. Feel free to continue here.

  3. Damn G, I have known for almost a decade that Micro$oft was fucktarded.

    You are way behind the curve there buddy.

    I guess I will be dissenter on The Who series. I am one of the "skip that post" guys...then again I am not much of a music person. Guess that could explain it.

  4. Well... there IS a grammar error there, just not the one underlined, as that was a sentence fragment. Where's the verb?

  5. I'm going to miss LOST too. I really loved that show.