Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Bloomsday!

There are few dates more important to Irish Catholics than 16 June, the date, in 1904, on which the events in James Joyce's Ulysses take place1.

Happy Bloomsday, everyone! Today, we are all Renegade Irish Catholics, just like Himself, Jimmy Augustine Aloysius Joyce!
1 Dates of, arguably, equal importance: The Date Guinness was invented (Irish Catholic males only); The Date of Their Own Dear Sainted Irish Mither's Birth, God's Own Blessings Be Upon Herself! (Irish Catholic males only); The Date On Which You Gave Birth To Your Twelfth Irish Catholic Baby And Have Officially Run Out Of Ova And Won't Have To Give Birth (Or Have Sex) Again, Generally Occurring Sometime During The 32nd Year Of Your Life (Irish Catholic females only).


  1. What are you doing up so late?

    A post at 12:01am? I thought you'd be 4 hours post bedtime by then.

  2. I am betting he wrote it in advance and scheduled it to post at 12:01. You know, to get the jump on all the other uber nerds that are going to post about James Joyce today.


  3. Bloomsday kinda got swallowed up this year by the British apology for Bloody Sunday. Now we just have to wait 38 years for U2 to apologize for profiting from it with "Sunday, Bloody Sunday."