Friday, June 4, 2010

Please Help Out Perky Lil Sis Carrie

Lil Sis Carrie quite justifiably and quite correctly believes that awareness regarding the issues that concern the elderly needs to be raised; she also believes that the elderly are living, breathing repositories of unique knowledge and learning - "libraries", she calls them, and I, as a librarian, wholeheartedly approve of this word choice - and that we all must do what we can to preserve their knowledge and wisdom.

When I use this blog to relate stories about Teh 'Dad, who will be 88 this month, many of you leave comments saying how much you love his stories and get a kick out of him. I am proud of my Dad and I love talking about him and I feel gratified knowing that many of you like hearing stories about him.

Well, Lil Sis uses her blog to preserve the wisdom of, and the equally entertaining stories about, the many elderly citizens who live at the Rock Ridge facility where she works. She feels that the necessity of preserving the wisdom of our elders needs to reach a larger audience.

An audience such as, say, the millions who watch Oprah.

Go view Carrie's audition video; vote for it.


From Carrie's blog:

It has long been my passion to preserve the wisdom of our elderly, so I took a leap and would like for you to help. My co-workers, a few residents, and I have made a video in an attempt to create an awareness about aging (Oprah has never had a show about elderhood!) Please help us spread the word and gather votes. There is no limit to the number of times you can vote!

Thank you for helping us spread the joys of elderhood!


  1. (and not one reference to carnie...)

  2. Ok, you had me at Teh Dad and Oprah.

    Sheesh, you a prolific little fucker lately. I need to get reading. Too many children clogging up my time. They act like it is MY JOB to teach them or something.

    I may have to get caught up tonight, but I saw 'Teh Dad' on this one and was hoping for an anecdote, so I stopped to read.

    Inquiring minds.... so is Carrie a 'carnie' as in Carnival Worker or Carnivore? Just curious.

  3. RE: your comment on my blog: What's next? Waterboarding?

    Little thing called the Patriot Act opened this pretty little loop hole for me.

    Thank God for our 8 year reign of sadistic, fucktards in this country. Makes teaching MUCH easier. Well, except for that whole "lets financially and strategically gut education for our own agenda for the privatization of education, so only our rich little fucktarded children will learn to read and they will actually be able to sound like they have more than 3 inbred brain cells" thing.

    That was kind of sucky.

  4. I used to read Carrie's blog more often than yours, G., but now your blogging WAY too much and by the time I catch up, lil sis gets pushed aside.

  5. I don't believe millions of people watch "Oprah." I think it's just five, who watch it millions of times.

    The quotation marks don't mean I don't believe it's really called that - just separating those who watch the eponymous show from those who watch the woman herself.

    So, Carrie got the looks, the charm, the wit and the smarts in the family. Frank took what's left.

  6. @ Steve....yeah, but did ya VOTE???

  7. How am I supposed to avoid work if you do not post?! Christ. Think of someone besides yourself!

    small aside: Hope you are well and everything is ok.

    Aside over

    Get posting! Sheesh. I will even read about the damn Padres now. That is baseball, right?

  8. @RBR..depends if you are reading about teh Padres from S.D. that are fond of playing a kid's ball game or the "Padres" from, say...Boston...You know, the ones that like to fondle kid's balls

  9. @Carrie: Sure, I voted.

    @G: All this talk about aging has me thinking "Happiness Is a Worn Gum."