Thursday, July 8, 2010

ZOMG!1! Found: Teh LOOSE MOOSE!1!

It's been a while since I've seen a picture of her, but I'm pretty sure this is her:

No wonder she has retreated in shame from teh Blogosphere ...

Hmmm ... Striped shirt ... those glasses ... Could be Waldo's sister.

ZOMG!1! Teh Loose Moose is WALDO's sister!1!!!11!


  1. And the award for "Out of the blue" KERTWANG goes to....drum roll, please.


  2. And here I thought you were the first to find out LooMoo had returned to the blogosphere. Sigh.

  3. @PeachyEscargot: You are on a roll today. That was kertwangtastic!

    The infamous LooMoo deleted her blog before I got to read it. A little uncool if you ask me.

  4. Are we 100% sure that is a "female" in that pic??!!

  5. I was watching junk TV last night, "Wipe Out" specifically, and there was a contestant named Jennifer Funke-Ho.

    Jokes kinda write themselves sometimes...

  6. No outing me, mister!!! Here I thought I'd live in anonymity, subsisting enirely on the man juice of Robert Pattinson. (If you pretend it's a vanilla GU, it's actually not half bad.)

    Damned paparazzi, always hounding me. GAWD!!!

    I miss you guys...not enough to return to blogging but enough to obsessively read your posts.

  7. @LooMoo: So THAT's why guys are always offering me vanilla GU at races. Pattinson's probably getting a little dehydrated with the popularity of GU spooge.

  8. Am I the only loser who had to google Robert Pattinson? Geez, that's how you know you're old as dirt.