Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Got My Dickies On

And so but yeah, about a month ago I did a program at the library about The Who, and I did it with this other guy named Jerry who works the circ desk1. Jerry is not as big a Who fan as I am, but he knows way more about music because he's an accomplished musician himself. And I was happy to have him there because he's also, obviously, much more comfortable in front of an audience because he performs in front of audiences all the time.

Jerry plays guitar, bass, piano and I think a bunch of other instruments, as well. He also sings. I was talking to him a couple of days after the program and he handed me a 3-song promo cd featuring this band he's in. He plays bass on the songs and also sings backup vocals. All three songs are incredibly good, but I especially like the one below, "Got My Dickies On" — in fact, I added it to my current run list and have been running to it for about the past three weeks. Indeed, you'll often find me walking around the house these days snappin' my fingers and going "Got Mah Dickies Awn ..." and I'm sure Teh 'Bride's thinking There he goes ... singing about his wiener again ....

Which is understandable because I do that a lot. But in this case, she's wrong.

The cd is incredibly well-produced (one of the guys in the band engineered it himself) and Jerry also mentioned at the time he gave it to me that they were working on getting a distribution deal with Sony.

Which I found out just yesterday they got.

And so the release party is scheduled for November, and the band will be touring behind it, but, for most of them, only locally because they all have day jobs, like Jerry.

In any case, here's part of the song, which I just synced up to a loop of Ian doing his Peanuts Xmas dance (he's trying to dance like the kid in the yellow shirt in this clip) so you can get a taste of the song:

1 Roughly five people showed up for the program, and by "roughly" I mean exactly, because even though I am mathematically challenged, I can count to five and have been able to do so since my late thirties — 30 being a number that happens sometime after five, though I'm not sure when or why.

And three of those five people were staff1a, one of whom was Jerry's teen-aged son, John, who's a shelver at the library, and who, apparently, is an even more gifted musician than Jerry, because in the course of the program, Jerry revealed that this kid, when he was like 16, had performed John Entwistle's bass solo from "My Generation" for a high school music course. And of course the kid plays guitar and like five other instruments as well, the talented little fucking bastard.

1a And one of the two who wasn't staff kinda sat in a fetal position the whole time and never made eye contact or said anything and kinda had me thinking he'd come there by mistake thinking it was like maybe a Narcotics Anonymous meeting and when he realized it wasn't just was too embarrassed to get up and leave.


  1. Normally not a fan of this style of music, but I actually like it. Reminds me a little of Fabulous Thunderbirds maybe? The Peanuts Xmas dance is really the best part.

    Whale's tail / whale's tale. I knew what you meant and appreciate your attention to detail.

  2. I always thought a dickie was a false shirt front pasted over a T-shirt (usually accompanied by the loose cuffs seen only on Chippendales dancers today).

  3. Wait, wait...Did SteveQ just imply that Ian is a future Chippendale dancer? Jeesh, SteveQ, that is SO not cool. The kid's wearing footsie pajamas, ferchrissakes! And how the hell do you manage to do a buck tuck with FOOTSIE PJ'S? Gawd!

    PS - That is a pretty cool tune, but I probably couldn't run to it.

  4. Only five attendees for your fine program?! And you wonder why they decided to cut funding at the library :0

  5. No wonder you like this song. It's about hating your job. Already stuck in my head, by the way.

    And teh Bride must be confused. How could you be getting that dickie on? Unless you have a detachable penis.

  6. @Lauren - Good catch! That was part of the appeal of this song for me: it's about finding a reason to persevere at a sucktastic job, which is at the end of the day you get to go home to the people you love and your actual life.

    I'm at work so haven't looked at the link you sent yet.

  7. It's still out there, huh? I had no idea. I don't even remember what I wrote. I barely even remember that night. I, as you know, am not very techno smart. Yikes, I wonder what other mistakes of mine are floating around in teh 'tubes.
    I'm a terrible blogger, I know. But I DO admire my libby friend Glaven. And, yes, Franken IS a fraud.

  8. W T eff is "a bit about me"

    This is Nic