Friday, August 6, 2010

Why I Love and Miss LuMu

Listen, buddy - if you have the time to leave comments about my quivering sphincter, surely you have the time to write a new post. Or are you too busy watching 70's porn? That can't be pretty - n*ts@cks were WAY hairier back in the day.

And in Flyers26 implying that you are tender/kind hearted or just incredibly flaccid? Either way, I'd be insulted.


  1. Classic LuMu.

    Come back already, LM! I really miss reading your blog.

  2. Deb, LuMu, LooseMoose. Leader of the Belarus fashion industry. Whatever. You are a fine one to be talking about being "lured back". I can appreciate that each GQH column is a finely crafted literary event requiring hours of effort.

    And GQH I read in the news that Camden, New Jersey is shutting down the library system. That boggles my mind, since libraries are one of the hallmarks of a civilized society, along with flush toilets, street lights, and polite cops. I sure hope you don't live there.

  3. @keef - Does anyone really live in Camden?

    And no, I don't.

    The state of NJ is currently in the clutches of an anti-social services ideologue of the type who claims "gubmint" isn't the solution to anything and then, when elected, sets about proving his thesis, which is pretty easy to do when all you have to do is follow the Dubya model of bleeding all government services of funding - even the popular and democratic ones, such as public libraries, that serve EVERYONE equally - then giving the money you "saved" to your rich friends in the form of tax breaks.

    Then you and your minions just proclaim from the hills: "See? Government doesn't work!" The equivalent of your mechanic bashing your engine with a sledgehammer and saying, "I did you a favor. Cars break. You should walk more. Yes, even to your job, 25 miles away. What? Public transportation you say? Pfffttt! Christie cut state funding for that a long time ago! So walk! STOP TRYING TO SUCKLE THE GOVERNMENT TIT!1!"

    (Your hypothetical mechanic goes on like that for awhile because he's both a tea-bagger and long-winded, and possibly a relative of Dr. Nic.)

    There's a reason this fat, bloated asshole governor of ours is the poster boy for "good governance" over at Faux News: He's serving their interests, not the public's.

    Teh poor 'Bride works EVERY DAY in a department where her co-workers lament the cuts in pay and the increases in tasks they face that are directly attributable to Christie's cuts and she can barely keep herself from screaming, "YOU effin' VOTED for this guy! He's DOING exactly what he SAID he'd do when he ran - which is, essentially, to deliberately sabotage state government, even the popular services!"

    And they say, "Well, yeah, but ... I just always vote Republican."

    Maybe (fake) global warming will kill us all and an actual intelligent species will arise from the ashes.

    Or, the tea-baggers could just take over.

    I see it as about 50/50.

  4. It's almost as if the both of you knew that today was my birthday.....Thanks for the laugh!

  5. So first you skimp on a blog post by hijacking LuMu's comment as your post, then you proceed to compose a reply to said hijacked post that was long enough to have been a blog post in itself?

  6. Xenia: Awww! Thanks!! But I likely won't be back in any role other than as a twisted, irreverant commenter.

    Keef: Stop stalking Glaven. He doesn't live in Camden, but if he did he'd be there wearing much fur, as is the fashion in Belarus...and in 70's porn, by the way.

    Glaven: Stoopid, stoopid gubmint.

    GeorgiaSnail: Happy birthday! I got's porn. You're welcome.

    joyRun: I know, right! I've been hijacked. HIJACKED, I tell you!!!! I should probably notify the gubmint.

  7. Nope. The Glaven stalking is over. And besides, he's growing his own fur.

    Every time I think our government reaches new depths of stupidity, all I need do is look south, and I feel marginally better. What scares me is our Prime Minister seems to be getting his inspiration from the Republicans these days.

  8. i do scream at them (silently) every cussin' day
    love, teh bride