Wednesday, September 8, 2010


First Day of School

2010, Fifth Grade:
2009, Fourth Grade:
2008, Third Grade:
2007, Second Grade:
2006, First Grade:
2005, Kindergarten:

Watch his long, thin face get round and fat as he goes back in time!


  1. It's amazing how fast the time goes. I bet it feels just like it does when you scroll up and down on the pics!
    Good looking young man you have there! Must be from Teh Bride's side!

  2. Kinda lists to his left - I think it's the weight of that backpack (in first grade, could he carry it?)

  3. seems like a pain in the ass to lower your peep hole every year...(TWSS)

  4. Is that a Road ID on his ankle in second grade?

  5. Next thing you know his long thin hand will be reaching for the car keys.

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  7. After your "happy" post about teh Phuls, I thought sad would be about los Mets. Then I realized that the metropolitans have some work to get to sad.

    Another year of school means more homework that is beyond parent's academic ability. Enjoy!

  8. He's absolutely adorable. Gets it from Teh Bride, right?

  9. Anyone else creeped out by Mr. Lonely's comment? Because I sure as shit am.

    Moving on...

    Damn, I have only just "met" Ian and it is amazing how much he has changed in just that time. When you go back through all the first days of school, it is downright scary how fast they grow up.

    You wrote about regrets, these pictures remind me of mine, you lucky bastard.