Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Art Display

Last night when I got to the Reference Desk, I couldn't help but ask, "What's with all the bummer T-shirts hanging from the ceiling?"

Because there are all these T-shirts on display here at the library; T-shirts saying things like "God Saw What You Did To Me!" and "Tears of Healing [with two giant tear drops on it]" and "Punched. Beat. Spit On. Smacked. [ ... etc.] Laughing Now? Because She Made It On Her Own!"

A few are even more disturbing then those I've described.

And it's really a bit of a shock when you first come out and see them because they're hanging at eye-level and, let's face it, all T-shirt art, even when done by adults, tends to look kinda child-like, and so you walk up to them to read them, thinking they're gonna say things like "Hello Kitty" or "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" and instead they're all kinda the result of therapeutic assignments for people (women and children, mostly) who have been domestically abused, and they're blunt, and sad, and tragic, and upsetting.

And oddly triumphant.

Apparently October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and that's why we have them on display. And seeing them hanging there is how I found out.


  1. Grading on a curve, you probably don't think you're such a bad father now, do ya?

    October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. "That's why we have them on display. And seeing them hanging there is how I found out."

  2. First he accuses himself of being a bad husband, then turns off comments on the post so we can't argue about it. My take is - mention it to the blog world or not - meh. But did you mention it to HER? That's the key. Mentioning it the right way.

  3. Ugh. It is important to not hide it in the shadows but, ugh. Sometimes I like to pretend the ugliness of our nature does not exist.

    Pollyanna, I know.