Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ELECT WOMBAT!1! Plus? A Pic of a Dork

Wow. The unexpected good runs just keep on a-comin'.

This morning's: 6.98 miles in 1:02:40 which is a 9:00 minute pace and a 6.7 mph average, which may not sound like much, but for me is pretty excellent.
I think I may have mentioned before, on this very blog, that Teh 'Bride's brother - whose real name is Christopher but whom Teh 'Bride, sensitive older sister that she be, always called "Wombat"1 - is running for Senate. 

Now before you get too excited2, I should tell you he's running for state senate. But wait, it gets even more anti-climactic ... because the state in question is Delaware, and yes, Delaware is still a state, smart-@$$.

And so if you live in Delaware - and let's be honest: Why the fuck would you?3 - you could maybe VOTE WOMBAT!1!

Because look:

He'll fight to bring JOBS back to Delaware!1! Whereas his stupid-@$$ opponent is the person who told Steve Jobs he had till sundown to get out of Delaware in the first place!

Hahahahaha! Just kidding. But his opponent's billboard - no lie - say that he, Wombat's opponent, will fight to send JOBS out of Delaware and then build a border fence to KEEP THEM OUT!1!

So the choice is clear, even if spurious: VOTE WOMBAT!1!

Hmmm ... looking at that billboard again, I'm not sure why there's a dude behind Chris's head wearing what looks to be crisscrossed bandoleers on his chest ... could it be Chris is actually a Teabagger candidate? If so, should you still vote for him?

You betcha!
I Am A Dork
No, really, I'm not kidding. Because a couple of weeks ago, I met my buddy Greg in Princeton because I was up there for a QandA-NJ meeting and he can always be easily lured there because of Teh Princeton Record Exchange and so I called him that morning and said, "Yo, Greg, why don't we meet for lunch at Triumph BrewPub?" Because he could spend the morning buying records and cds and then I could drink my lunch and so it's win-win.

And the reason I thought of Greg is, that very morning, he sent me an e-mail with a link to the video I uploaded to this post. And in that post, I promised to explain why I had featured the video later. 

And I never did, because I was waiting for Greg to send me the picture he took of me at Triumph, because he showed it to me, and, on his camera, at least, I didn't look hideous, which amazed me. And I was going to feature that picture in my explanation because I wanted to show a certain someone who always takes good pictures that I, too, could be purdy.

And so, after a bit more prodding, Greg finally sends me the picture this morning and I realize, now, how drunk I must've been at lunch because I was evidently eying myself through beer-goggles because here's that "great" and "flattering" picture:

Be truthful Ladies: You wouldn't even sympathy-f*ck this man, would you?

Hahahahahaha! Learn to love me for my mind, ladies, because I swear to god, this is what I actually look like! ZOMG, it's funny because I'm ugly!1!

Anyroad, the short version of why I uploaded that Revolution Take 20 video is Greg e-mailed it to me because he wanted it and I was totally amazed that there existed a version of a Beatles song that he didn't already own4.So it must be pretty rare. Because if the Beatles ever even farted on tape, Greg has a bootleg copy of it.

And by now, two weeks later? I'm pretty sure Greg has tracked down this version and owns multiple copies.
1 Yeah, and when he came back from college? We found out his friends were calling him "Toph" or "Topher". Or maybe it was "Tofu", because he is running as a Democrat and all, so he probably eats that and all kinds of other Terrorist-coddling food.

2 Slowly ... slowly, now ... put the lube away ...

3 HAR!1! Delaware-bashing! Anyone can do it! (Except you, Rhode Islanders! You're smaller and you're not even a fucking island!)

4 This is essentially the same take (minus over-dubs) of the "Revolution #1" version that appears on the White Album, except it goes on waaaaaaaay longer and the waaaaaaaay longer part is what John later used as the underpinning for "Revolution #9", also on the White Album and, frankly, barely worth listening to.

John wanted this slow version to be the single, but George and Paul insisted it needed to be sped up to be more commercial and so the Beatles recorded this version, both sped up and transposed into the key of B ("Rev. 1" is in A), which I think was a good decision even if John L. did not.


  1. teh Bride and teh Wombat really look like siblings. You, OTOH, look like...

    Hell. I can't make fun of someone who's both running further and faster than me, so I'll make fun of Delaware politicians, from Joe (somebody make me shut up) Biden to Christine O'Witchcraftnotmasturbation.

  2. I love beer goggles!!! They make the world a beautiful place, dontcha think?? I think it's a pretty good pic, but then how do we *really* know this is you?????? Maybe YOU are the Wombat on the billboard and the dork is actually your brother in law?

    I'm voting Wombat in the next election! Can you get us into the White House if the Wombat wins???

  3. I haven't quit! I'm just sick of reading the same shit on the same ol blogs. And I feel like I say the same shit every week. GO COCKS!!!!!

    I'm cursed with southern manners, so I feel like I need to be polite and say "it's not you; it's me." But the truth is, for some of those blogs, it's you. Not YOU GQH, but you in general. You pickin up what I'm throwin down?

  4. that is a v handsome foto of u - it shows all of yer dimples (well, almost all...)
    love, teh bride