Friday, November 5, 2010

Best Buddies

For no particular reason, here are pix of Ian and Morgan:

Before we got Morgan, we had another sheltie, a female, whose name was Sushi. She loved to go for walks and loved people. Morgan? Not so much. He's agoraphobic and just basically neurotic. He likes hanging out on the couch (see above) and I swear if he had opposable thumbs he'd be drinking a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon and eating a bag o' pork rinds.
Ian and Morgan are best buds because Ian was like 5 when we got Morgan so Morgan grew up with Ian and tolerates him. Whereas Sushi basically looked upon Ian as a usurper when we adopted him.
We got the cage for Ian, but Morgan likes hanging out in there too. You think I'm kidding1, but the parents out there understand.
This pic was probably taken not long after we got Morgan. The basket of clothes behind Ian is probably clean stuff. I find you can fit more clothes into a basket if you just jam them in there rather than fold. Folding is for pussies. I'm pretty sure Mark Twain said that.
Ian and Morgan hanging out on the couch ...
... and again in Ian's cage.
I forget exactly why Morgan had to wear that collar, but you can tell from the look on Ian's face, "I didn't do it!"
See, this here is exactly the kind of pose Sushi would never have let Ian get away with ...
Ian got a tent one Xmas (or perhaps one birthday — who can keep track?) and he immediately set it up in the living room and forced poor Morgie to go inside with him.

So there you have it: Nine photos, all suitable for farming. No, that's not a misspelling. I didn't mean "framing"; I meant "farming". Because if you print them out on nutrient-rich cardboard, you could then shred them and sprinkle them on your crops. I don't know why you'd want to do this, but you're the farmer, Jethro, not me. Far be it from me to tell you how to farm your hard-scrabble tenant farm.

If you want pix suitable for framing, go to Barefoot Kanadian Neil's blog.
This morning I ran 6.85 miles in a pretty steady rain. I did it in 1:03:25, which is a 9:18 pace. I am okay with this pace because it was not only dark and wet this morning, it was also pretty leafy. Wet leaves = good chance of slipping. So I tended to slow down when I saw leaves on the pavement. I'm a little more leery of slipping since the dislocated shoulder incident, during which I — WAIT FOR IT!1! — dislocated my shoulder, incidentally. So my actual pace could have been 9:17, if I'd pushed it past those scary leaves ...

"Ain't no companion like a blue-eyed merle" — in fact, we've never had a merle, although I think they are beautiful. Teh 'Bride, however, is creeped out by them.

1  For the record: I am kidding ...


  1. Since we have no space for farming in Atlanta, I'll skip the printing, planting, shredding and farming parts and just tell you CUTE PICS!!

    Dude, I'm impressed that you ran in the rain. Doesn't that do a number on those gorgeous locks of yours?


  2. WARNING: Patently girl moment in



    OMG!!! Soooooo fucking adorable (shocking that I do not have children if my own, I know)

    Ok, I was trying to pick a favorite and I scrolled up and each time I got to a picture I would think "that is my favorite" then the next picture "no, that one is my favorite", then another "wait, no, this one"...

    This continued longer than I care to admit.

    Lucy is going to be 13 next month. When she was younger she had two speeds: Balls to the wall on the trail (It is an expression. My dog is a not a tranny either) and planted on the couch. I imagine nowadays, about 95% of the time she would not mind cracking a cold one with Morgan and catching up on her stories.

    In a VERY rare 'not agreeing with Teh Bride' moment, Blue Merle sheltie's are BE-A-U-TIFUL. Simply beautiful.

    Oh, I am so thrilled about this post I have almost nothing snarky to say!



    It may not be the folding that makes you a pussy is all I am saying...

  3. See what happens? I post *one* pic of a snoozing cat on facebook, and G has to top me with many pics of a dog and a cute kid. I'm a duct tape kind of guy, rather than a cage. I find it gives me more options.

    Wait a sec. For a while I was thinking you were being all clever in implying you had run barefoot, what with the consecutive paragraphs, and the extended bar to draw attention to the space, which means there is a relationship, however tenuous between them. Which I interpret as you *wanting* to run barefoot, but weenied out. But me no buts, your intentions don't matter, I'm just going by the text.

  4. @Kanada Keef - Thankfully, the Intentional Fallacy has no impact whatsoever on what we can still confidently classify as "An Obvious Misreading of Teh Text".

    Thank you for your classic example of that.

  5. Loved all the pics. Both the boy and the dog have sweet faces. :)

    The dad though. That mug is just terrifying.

  6. obscure Kanadian song reference:

    I believe what Twain said, was "If you're giving me something folded, it better be a pussy."

  7. That is one scary looking goth dog. Creeped me out.

  8. @Keith: Now you know how we feel about all things Kanadian.

  9. I pretty sure that dog could take down a bag of pork rinds without opposible thumbs.

    Nice glimpse into the almost normal portion of your life!

  10. Nothing like pics of kids with their animals to turn adults into blubbering idiots!
    Nice pics!
    Nice rain running too!

  11. dog w/cone head = day after he was de-balled.
    hence, sad face
    love, teh bride