Wednesday, December 1, 2010

There WILL Be Math!

Well, not math, but counting.

Today being the first day of December, and December being (as any Chase's Annual Events aficionado would of course know because that reference resource is the first thing you check every time a new month rolls around) "National Song Count-In Month"1, I decided to create a video chock full of song count-ins. Twelve in all:

(Synced to a video of Ian fishing for no other reason than that the video is the same length as the count-in mp3 I painstakingly created.)

Some of these will be tough to identity. But don't worry. I'm not giving you any incentive to try, so why the fuck should you care? I mean, who am I? Barefoot "This Space For Rent to Highest Corporate Bidder" Kanadian Neil Z? Pffttt! I Wish! That guy's RICH from corporate largesse and I'm sure he'd tell you his IMMORTAL SOUL was a small price to pay for it. But even if you correctly guess all of the songs sampled in this video (and you won't), I will give you exactly nothing. No SpiBelt. No Goo Gu2. Nothing like that.

The only thing to lure you in is that there are quite a few "gimmes" amongst those twelve. For Crumb's sake, the freaking thing starts out with what has to be the most famous song count-in 4EVAH, so everyone should get at least one right.

Feel free to make your guesses in the comments. Also: Name any famous (or obscure) count-ins I left out. Then?

Count them.

[In posts to come: Videos of the actual songs. So I have my next 12 posts already planned out. What? You don't? That's probably because you suck.]
I could have cheated. I could have included songs like this (below), that include counting in the lyrics, but don't have count-ins. But I didn't.

1 Wow. Do I really need to point out that "National Song Count-In Month" is utterly bogus, totally made up (hint: by some N*ts@ck-Fondling Fucktard) to justify this otherwise unjustifiable post? Also, if you really do check Chase's Annual Events on the first of every month? You're either a luuuuuzer or a Librarian.

Or, to put it another way, you're a Librarian.

Actual Chase's Event for December 1: "Playboy magazine was first published in 1953." A full 9 years before SteveQ was born. Jebus knows how it survived those first nine lean years.

2 Any of Teh Ladies who would like to sample my goo should contact me privately.


  1. 12! There were 12 "count ins"!!!! I am the greatest....I think I heard the Count from Sesame Street in there somewhere!?!?

  2. i'm really surprised you didn't include def leppards rock of ages

    my favorite count in is from world party's "whole of the night". i couldn't find a reliable link, sorry. google it yourself.

    one, two, three, ah trip...

  3. @jiif - I should mention I included only those that I own copies of. I don't own "Rock of Ages", but it's a good count-in.

    Also? It didn't occur to me.

  4. 51 videos! And the way I ended up looking at them I got sucked into watching a few seconds of a Phillies game. Fortunately I hit the next button before I fell asleep or died from a massive boredom infarction. Are all your rental cars that happy to see you?

  5. Have you been targeted by alphainventions yet? I'm trying to figure out how to eliminate their access to my blog without doing a complete dump and restart.

  6. National Song Count-In Month fits in with Mo-vember, NaNoWriMo, etc. Yesterday was St. Andrew's Day and today (starting from sunset last night) is the first day of Hannukah (or Chaka Khanukkah, which celebrates the day my iPod got stuck playing "I'm Every Woman" and it took 8 days for the batteries to die). I'm thinking there should be more Lutheran holidays. We get... Reformation Sunday. That's it. And all we do is wear red (and drink coffee and try to be less judgmental toward Unitarians). Next week: Melanchthon Monday! Tillich Tuesday! Wittemberg Wednesday!

  7. Heard a bunch that sound familiar but I can't name any tunes. Catorce -- that one I definitely know.