Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Long Weekend Draws to a Close

I managed to get in two runs this weekend, the first of 7.31 miles and the second of 6.94; so I made up for some of the mileage I lost due to my taking 5 days off from running after my ankle injury. I had hoped to be able to get in a run this morning, but it snowed a bit overnight and it is now doing something else nasty, possibly sleeting or raining, so a run is just not going to happen.

The second run mentioned above was at a 6.5 mph pace, which I am not too ashamed of, considering the conditions under which I ran it — viz., in bitter cold weather and on roads that were still somewhat icy in places. But since I ran in daylight for a change, I was able to see approaching patches of ice and other obstacles that wanted to maim and/or kill me and thus was able take preemptive evasive action.

So this morning: exercise for about an hour, including 20 minutes on the exercise bike (6.7 miles).

Just got the robo-call: Ian's school is closed. Lucky Ian gets a 4-day weekend now.

Just started King John; I finished the first two acts and with any luck will have read it all by Wednesday.

After finishing Pericles a couple of days ago, I, not wanting to dive immediately into another play, began flipping around in The Riverside Shakespeare for something short to skim. The great thing about these Compleat Shxpr editions is that they all have these critical essays and appendices and histories, etc.; and if you get bored between plays it's easy enough to find something short and interesting to read to divert and sooth your brainpan after reading Shakespeare's sometimes challenging prose and poetry. Anyroad, I somehow came to rest upon The Riverside Edition's Appendix B: Records, Documents & Allusions, one part of which consists of "Contemporary Notices of the Plays and Poems"; these "notices" are conveniently numbered, and my eye was drawn to number "21. [Henry VIII and the Burning of the Globe]"— the Globe, of course, being Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, which burned to the ground during a performance of HVIII on June 29, 1613.

That is obviously very sad. But then there is this:

A certain Sir Henry Wotton wrote to a Sir Edmund Bacon describing the fire, and the excerpt from his letter included in The Riverside Edition ends thus:
This was the fatal period of that vertuous fabrique; wherein yet nothing did perish, but wood and straw, and a few forsaken cloaks; only one man had his breeches set on fire, that would perhaps have broyled him, if he had not by the benefit of a provident wit put it out with bottle Ale.
Beer. Is there anything you can't do?


  1. Beer. It even makes me handsome and eloquent.

  2. I have to remove Cee-Lo's song from my best of last year. Apparently, it was sung on "Glee," by no less than Gwyneth Paltrow! That just flings sh__ all over it.

  3. "Has he been...?" "Yes, after breakfast!"

    You really should have gone at least .06 miles more on that second LSR...just sayin"