Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bearded Pix

If you're like me, you can't resist the opportunity, no matter how contrived, to ruthlessly lampoon, take the piss out of, and/or ridicule a friend. Or, to put it another way, if you're like me, you're a dick. Don't get mad at my calling you a dick. You implicitly called me one first.

The contrived opportunity I'm taking advantage of today is this seemingly innocent comment made by SteveQ over at Xenia's blog, in which he said "My high school graduation pic has those same sideburns." (There was a context to this admission, but it doesn't matter for my purpose, which, as I mentioned, is ruthless ridicule.)

In fact, I have ocular proof that SteveQ's pictures had facial hair long before high school:

Just look at those muttonchops this Quick Family Portrait is rocking! They put fucking Elvis to shame! Young Steve could be no more than 10 here.

I am somewhat envious because neither I nor my yearbook picture was capable of facial hair when I was in High School ... and if you've ever seen pix of American men circa 1978, you know how much of an oddball that made me.

[Full Disclosure: That pic above was also sporting a Massive 'Fro, but I cropped it.]


The Inspector now comes in Frozen Concentrate:


  1. You need to amend this post pronto. Go to Dr Nic's blog and you'll understand why.

  2. Your Nic idea was better than mine was.

    And now I'm realizing that no one except you and I will have any idea who Noddy Holder is.

  3. Steve, you're right. I had to google Noddy Holder. Those be some fine chops.

    Thanks, G, for the Nic amendment. That couldn't go unmocked.

  4. There is so much awesomeness in this post - but I think the beauty of it all sits in the comments...and yet I have nothing to add...which is normal....

  5. I've gotta side with Xenia. While I already looked up "The Inspector" I'm not taking the time on Mr./Ms. Holder.

  6. I'm still surprised that no one's questioned whether that's an authentic pic of my family nor, if it is, how you obtained it.