Saturday, February 19, 2011

Clutch 'S@ck (Roughly the Equivalent of "Grab Bag) Post

This morning, Ian and I went for a one-mile sprint together. A couple of years ago, I used to do one-mile sprints on the days that I didn't do runs, sort of my own version of speed work. I think the best time I posted was something like a 6:52 pace. I have no idea if this helped me, speed-wise. I realize now that I don't really care.

I haven't done a mile sprint in years, though.

Well, my back has been hurting lately and, before today, I hadn't run since Monday. So last night I was talking about running, and I figured doing a sprint would be a good way to see if the back could handle a return to running. Ian has been threatening to run with me for some time but he usually chickens out at the last minute. But he thought he could handle a one-mile sprint, so this morning, while Teh 'Bride was at the health club doing girl exercises, Ian and I ran a sprint:

This is the whole route (click to embiggen)

If you follow the instructions above and click the image, you'll clearly see that the route calls for leaving our house and crossing the street and then immediately turning right. Which I explained to Ian a couple of times before the run. The plan was to do that loop at the end of our street, going past our house and then around back to it, on the return, at the very end of the run.

But ....

Graphic showing how the route was supposed go at the start; and how Ian went.

So I had to call him back. "Ian! THIS WAY!" He hadn't gotten very far, but he had run a couple of hundredths of a mile out of his way.

Ian did a good job, keeping up with me the whole time. But as we rounded the corner back onto our street, I told him not to run to the end of the street, but rather straight home ... to compensate for the extra couple hundredths of a mile he'd done at the beginning:

The upshot is that he ran grand total of .96 miles in 7 minutes and thirty seconds for a 7:50 pace. H never stopped; he ran the whole distance.

Later, I ran an additional 7.24 miles, for a total of 8.26 for the day. Back seems okay with that.

Ian came downstairs while I was writing this post and told me to mention to all of you the fact that he is awesome.

I had a number of posts I started writing and stopped.

Here are the stubs, just so I can be rid of them:

[Four Days Ago]

My back hurts today and I don't know why. So instead of running, I took it easy, doing yoga and riding Morrissey for 10.2 miles.

Mystery back injuries that go away after 4 or 5 days are standard at my age. I strain my back with a certain regularity ... though it's been some time since I did it.

I'm pretty sure it happened while brewing beer. Well, not during the brewing process. Afterward, when I had to lug the 5-gallon tub down to the Secret Fermenting Chamber (aka, the garage).

Totally worth it. That fermenting wort will eventually be an ESB. But I myself will try not to be bitter about the injury it caused.

[Four Days Ago]

My January Stats:

Total Miles: 199.69

Running miles: 90.56 (Way more than I expected, given the weather.)

Walking: 25.53

Biking recumbently: 83.6

[Three Days Ago] 

Many of you probably think I stopped posting about Shakespeare. But you're wrong. Recall I said I would be posting all future play reviews here. And not that long ago, I posted my take on the just-read Love's Labour's Lost there. (What's with the Kanadian spelling of "Labour" there, Will?)

I see no one has accessed that post in quite some time.

Which means you don't know about the latest addition.

Or, more likely, don't care.

[Since I wrote this post, I also included a review (of sorts) of The Merry Wives of Windsor]

[Three Days Ago] 

Speaking of accessed blog post (as I just did in my previous post), this here post, which I clearly labeled "4 Phillies Phans Only", is BY FAR the most popular thing I ever posted. According to Blogger, it has 952 page views (63 in just the past 24 hours) [Update: it now has 1,084], which totally smokes the post with the second most views, this here one, which has 232 views.

Just goes to show you that the Phillies (especially a killer rotation) beats a love story every time.

[Three Days Ago]  

Speaking of the Phillies, which I was just doing in my previous post, yesterday I ordered a three-pack of Phillies tickets for Ian and me. We're going to see the Phils play the Brewers (mmmm ... Brewerrrrrrs ...) on April 19; the Rangers on May 22; and the Padres on July 23.

One of those days is Carlos ("Chooch") Ruiz T-shirt night. [It's the May game.]

With my luck, they'll give the T-shirts only to the kids.


[CONFIRMED: The tees are for kids 14 and under only.



  1. Ian's also faster than me.


  2. Do you live in Oompaloompa land? That seems like a lot of neighborhood to cover in a mile.

    Could be too that I live in the sticks, & everything's too far apart over here.

  3. You can tell Ian that he IS awesome.
    One of my goals is to run a sub-8 min mile (haven't done that for awhile now since focusing on distance running) and he does it on a whim!
    Wow, 90 plus running miles! I take back all of my whimpy "I can't run in the snow and cold" comments :) Ann

  4. I vote for keeping Shakespeare on the front page. How am I going to remember to go back to that old post?

  5. Ian whipped me, too. He is awesome. I only have one question: what are "girl exercises"?????????

  6. I want Shakespeare right up front- he's awesome, just like Ian.

  7. That boy of yours keeps quite a pace! Great job to Ian, awesome indeed.