Monday, February 28, 2011

February Numbers

It was rainy this morning and for that reason alone I contemplated not going for a run - even though I'd done exactly Nathan Dick in the way of exercise yesterday because I spent most of the weekend at Teh 'Bro's place in the Poconos, which means we stayed up late (but not too this time) drinking beer (I didn't bring him any, but still scored a six of orphaned beers that Teh 'Bro didn't want ... things like JavaHead Stout or some such) and so on Sunday I didn't feel much like running. Because on Sunday, we celebrated Xmas in February and for GOD's sake, don't mention anything doctrinal w/r/t Xmas in February because SteveQ is probably still lurking in the comments, waiting to pounce.

I should note two things about Christmas in February before I go on to discuss my running numbers for the month:

First: I was WRONG when I said, in my previous post, that Teh 'Bride had managed to get Teh 'Bro and 'S-i-L to agree to the no-gift-exchange-between-adults rule for Xmas. In fact, that was only for birthdays. So we DID exchange gifts all around. (I myself scored a long-sleeved tech shirt and a sweater.) Yes, we DID have gifts for them, because even though I was confused about the rules, Teh 'Bride wasn't and she's the one in charge of dealing with people in our family, included under which general rubric is "buying people presents". (You really don't want to task me with people-dealing stuff.)

Second: I didn't really have a second thing.

But to get back to the monthly numbers ...

I ran 6 miles this morning in the rain so that I could get my February running mileage up to 90 ... 90.58, to be exact. (181.14 for the year.)

Walking: 34.53

Biking: 101.1

Total: 226.21

I'm pretty sure that's my first 200-mile combination (walk/bike/run) month.

Two Videos for you:

First, Ian On Ice:

And now this second one which makes me so happy that you could call me Teh Merry Happy, if you were so inclined; which video I like because it's funny and I TOTALLY didn't steal it from another blog!1!

I'd never do that!1!



  1. I ran 110 miles in February. January? 37 miles.


    Morgan looks a little perplexed by the proceedings.


  2. You see, that's the sort of thing that confuses me. And many other men. I'm talking about the no presents thing. That's a nice simple rule. But it turns out that there are exceptions to it, which confuses me. Women make all these rules, then have exceptions to them that they don't tell anyone about except other women.
    So, no prezzies to me means no prezzies. I love it! I don't give, and I don't expect. But women will decide it's an exception, and go about inducing guilt feelings. WELL, I REFUSE!!!! Grrrr. No guilt.

  3. You are NOT helping with my puppy fever issues by posting Morgan videos! Sheesh.

    I remember playing on ice as a kid. Ahhh, very fond memories....

    Nope, still not fond enough to make me live on the fucking East Coast. I will keep my 65 degree 'winter' days. Thank you.

    Speaking of 'sheesh', LOVED the "Reading a Book" video (yes, even I am shocked I clicked on it since if they do not have Ian or Morgan I usually do not bother)

  4. I have to confess that I stole -- um, synergistically leveraged that video from a librarian's blog:

  5. You may think you're one of the last people around to celebrate Christmas but .... we have neighbors who still have lights, wreaths and decorations up. Maybe they're extending the gift exchange through March. I dunno.

    Cool videos :)

  6. "Christmas in February" was a favorite song of mine off Lou Reed's "New York" album.

    I ran 310 miles in February. I spent more time shoveling than running, though.

  7. HUGE typo! That's 210 miles, not 310.