Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2Tweet or ~2Tweet

I have answered this age-old question by deciding to Tweet. Yes, foax, see how lucky you are? If you stumbled upon this post, you're lucky enough to have found Teh Last Person In Teh World 2 Sign Up 4 A Twitter Account!1!

Teh 'Bride hates FaceBook because she thinks it's just a way for foax going thru a mid-life-crisis to hook up with their old HS boy- or girl-friends, so, for me, FB is out. But even I am not skilled enough to seduce someone in 140 characters or fewer, even if I Tweet in my tightest Skinny Genomes1, so I figure it's safe for me to tweet. Be honest: If you read this blog even semi-regularly, you don't even believe I can write a sentence of 140 or fewer characters, do you? You DICK!1!

Well, get this! I have already written THREE  tweets and a full 67% of them stayed withing the 140-character limit. So as Cee Lo Green would say, F***2 You!1!

Anyroad, I am a librarian, an information specialist and so I felt it was professionally derelict of me NOT to be up on the latest in circa-2006 communication technology. Luckily, nothing new has happened in the world of abbreviated communication since 2006. Or, if it has, no one has tweeted about.

In any case, my twitter feed is glavenq, or @glavenq or whatever. However you say that in Twitter-speak.

Ladies, go there to be seduced by my 140-character sonnets; prove me wrong when I say I can't get you to drop your knickers in 140 characters or fewer. (Sample potential future tweet: "@ladies: drop ur knkrs, l8ees!1!")

1 HAR! An uproarious witticism you couldn't possibly get unless you read my previous post, which, itself, requires you to go back to the post previous to it and read a comment there that will make sense to you only if you read the entire post. Or, to put it another way, too much work just to understand that there joke up there re: Skinny Genomes.

2 The "***" represents "orget".


  1. Are you following Charlie Sheen yet?? I bet you are.

  2. Another post already??? I love your posts...but...I'm working on my computer, and I'm getting nothing done, in part, because of YOU....;)

    And...WRONG! I'm not tweeting yet, so that makes ME Teh Last Person In Teh World 2 Sign Up 4 A Twitter Account!

    Oh please...library...find something for Glaven to do besides writing posts...

  3. I don't twit either!

    But I am on the Book of Face.

  4. I just started to Tweet. It's fascinating and odd at the same time. Watching some Trend spread around the world is like watching ripples from one dropped pebble reaching all the oceans of the world in a few minutes. (Or like the Wave that starts in the stands at a baseball game, to choose a less poetical image.) Just wish the Trend people actually had something to say about the topic.

    But I refuse to follow Charlie Sheen. No, no, I will not do it. Especially as one of his recent tweets sounded quite ominous: "Some drug dealers talk too much." I don't think I want to make him mad.

  5. I prefer to think that anything worth saying is going to take more than 140 characters. And besides, how will you write if you can't do footnotes?

  6. Your tweets have been highly entertaining - keep 'em coming...

  7. I have a Twitter account, but I've never used it... same with my left kidney; saving it for when I need it.