Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Democrat Post ....*

... for Ellora Dr. Nic:

Here's a link to SteveQ's Blog that somehow got Nic's blog in there too.

And here's how to fix it in Edit HTML:

Just delete the "" part.

* Title Footnote: ZOMG!1! Hahahahahaha! I meant to typed "Demo Post", but accidentally type "Dem", which my TypeIt4Me Utility automatically expanded to "Democrat", which is what I set it to do. Hahahahahaha! So I'm leaving it that way because I believe it is a sign from Above! Welcome to the Party, Nic! Feel free to start taxing and spending and Hating America!1!

Let me know when you're read this post, Nic, so I can take it down. Because ... O ... it's going down!

** Free-floating Footnote: Tags for this post: "dr nic", "Dr nic is ethnically insensitive" and "dr nic is also a misogynist" are the only three "dr. nic" tags I have that already existed. Instead of making a new one, like "Dr. Nic Goes to Cyber-school", I figured I just use what I already gotz.


  1. You're doing THIS on a Saturday morning?

  2. Talk about being "taxing on foax's nerves!"....;)))

  3. So why won't some of my pictures last more than 5 seconds on the blog? They post! Just not for long.