Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wait! Don't Run!1! It's NOT a Shakespeare Post!1!*

I'm reading 2 Henry IV currently — WAIT!1! Come back! I'm not going to blog about it1!1! I'm totally going to blog about something else, possibly even something running-related.

But just let me say this: Prince Hal is one of my favorite Shakespeare characters and I think I finally — finally— figgered out why. Because I'd never read 2HIV before and Hal doesn't show up in it till Act II, scene ii, and when he does, these, below, are his first lines: After Poins jests with him by saying he's surprised that something as quotidian as weariness could attach itself to a person of Hal's "high blood", Hal sez:
Faith, it does me; though it discolours the complexion of my greatness to acknowledge it. Doth it not show vilely in me to desire small beer?
He's tired and he asks for a beer!1! Just like me after a run!1! We could be brothers! I may actually be of royal lineage!1! On your knees before me, varlets! (And ladies, while you're down therrrrrre ... hyeh-hyeh-hyeh!)

So anyroad, this morning's run: I ran at like 6:00 a.m, which is late for me. I took the morning off to:

1. Attend a parent-teacher conference at Ian's school
2. Then go get my PSA test done at some lab for my appointment with the urologist next week. The perils of being 50.

Anyroad, I'm starting to think my speed is affected by my ability to see where I'm going. Big revelation, huh? It's actually light enough at 6:00 a.m. that I could run without my headlamp, and I could see the potential pitfalls in front of me long before they were underfoot and attempting to kill me to death. So my run, of 6.43 miles, was accomplished at a pace of 9:11 which was 6.6 mph on average according to Dr. Nic's nemesis, MapMyRun. That's waaaay better than I've done on an early morning run in quite some time.

And now it is 7:30 a.m. and I'm ready for a small beer. Just like Hal, my hero.

* [Title Footnote]: Sike!1!

1 ... today. Hahahaha!1! SUCKERS!1! I reserve the right to blog about it — AT LENGTH!1! — at a later date. Possibly. And I intentionally made this fact a footnote so you'd click through the truncated feed in Google Reader to this post, thinking it was safe to do so, because I'm a DICK!1!

But seriously, foax (not that I wasn't serious when I said I was a DICK!1!), when I write these posts? I have no idea how long they'll be or exactly where they'll go. The whole point of writing them is to find out, which I clearly stated in this post, when I announced my intention to read all of Shakespeare's plays:
I have for some time now been kicking around this idea of spending a season (or however long it takes — a full year?) reading all of Shakespeare's plays[...]. Because [...] I've always felt that it would be an enriching experience to read them all.

But what would be the point of reading them if I didn't retain anything meaningful about them?

And the only way to do that, as I said, would be to write about them.

Because as you, my faithful readers, well know, I am constantly looking for new and better ways to alienate you all and — hell, why be coy? — just generally irritate you and piss you off. And it seems to me that there can be no better way to do that than use this very blog to inflict upon y'all my thoughts re: Shaxberd's plays. And so it is my intent, starting, roughly, in January 2011, to begin reading all of Shxpr's plays and then write something or other about each in a post in this here already extremely off-putting blog.
Now, that's why I write them. It's for a good reason.

But uploading them and inflicting them on you?
That's just me being a dick.


  1. What, no Shakespeare?
    Hell, I'm outta here...

  2. uh, hello!?!?! you took the day off, therefore you should have been "overserved" last night and then hit the ground running today, with a little hair o' teh dog...

  3. "Sike?" Ya mean "psyche?" Or half of Bill Sikes?

  4. mmmmm beer. yummy.

    I ran 1.5 miles today - 68 degrees and sunny at 12:30 pm. My streak continues!!!!!!! Print that biaches!!!

  5. Keep writing and being a dick.
    It's good for my brain...use it or lose it...keep it out of the sike.
    Granny :)

  6. I swear...I've been reading all about S and the Henry's (or lack thereof)... even though there have been no comments, go ahead, I know you can trace back to me. to be 50.

  7. Keep blogging about Shakespeare & I might read him. Worked when you blogged about muscling your way through the Bible. The thought then occurred to me that I myself hadn't made through, so now I'm deep into a read-the-Bible-in-a-year program.