Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Ian accidentally found this blog by searching on the iPad for information about his hero Chase Utley. Ian, as you'll recall, put a near-life-size Fathead Sticker of Utley on his bedroom wall and I put pix of it on the blog. Ian searched for pix of Utley and found that post. Because the blog was set up to allow search engines to crawl it.

Ian wasn't interested in reading the post, but still. Time to start over. I'm taking down the more offensive posts, which is to say 99.9% of them. My posts are not intended for 11 year-olds.

If you are interested: My new blog, which at some point I might get around to posting on.

Yes, that's right: reecriff. Because "criffree" was already taken, for some reason. (Yes, I know he lost 4-zip last night. But he's still Criff Ree.)

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