Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just a Post

D&R Canal 5K race Official Results:

They're finally up. [Inserted a week later: The preceding sentence was written over a week ago because that's how long this post has been sitting here fermenting.] And it turns out there were only 200 runners, which is fewer than last year (288), which explains how I ran it slower yet placed higher.

The official results:

My time: 24:48:97. 61st out of 200. 12th out of 35 male geezers 50-59.

Ian had his first little league game of the season on Friday, 4/9. His team, the Rays, beat the Yankees, 5-4. One kid on Ian's team hit a home run, by which I mean an actual home run that went over the left field fence and for which the kid in question got to do an actual home run trot around the bases.

That was probably the highlight of the game. Ian played Fall Ball last fall, and, to be brutally honest, the level of play a mere 5-6 months ago was nowhere near as good as it is now. Ian and I have been doing a lot of batting practice together to get him used to faster pitching by these older kids. He's a little upset that he whiffed in both of his at-bats in his first game. He was flailing a bit.

Since that first game, two of Ian's scheduled games have been rained out. He was disappointed both times, but took it well overall.

Between Ian's baseball games and getting and watching all the Phillies games via DirecTV Extra Innings and visiting Teh 'Dad and going to work and practicing baseball with Ian between his official games and practices, etc., I have had no time to do anything else. I have, for example, been "reading" Two Noble Kinsmen by Shakespeare for over two weeks and I'm still in Act V. So there has been no time for posting, tweeting, reading others' blogs, etc. (So STOP NAGGING ME, MOM!1!) [WTF, Beth? Where'd you go?] I am not complaining about this. As a B*tch I know told me, these are Cadillac Problems. I'd like to have the time to be able to do those other things, but (with the exception of having to work) I prefer doing what I am already doing. Blogging, tweeting, reading ... they are all secondary at this point.

Tonight we go to the Phils Versus Brewers game. Doc is pitching. Pray it doesn't get rained out. I don't think Ian can survive yet another baseball disappointment. (He's driving me nuts as I write this.)

In conclusion, here's a picture of Morgan in sunglasses that Ian (I guess) took because I found it on the camera last time I downloaded pix from it and I know I didn't take it:


  1. First!. Thanks, G. Missed you. I was just going to put acomment on your last post asking if all is OK. Of course, my blog was neglected, too (for me) but I did keep up with comments and email OK (don't have yours).
    Ian looks COOL! Better stop before I have to say "Oh Christ(i)!" again because someone else beat me. Bye now, Ann

  2. Nice job putting up a 24:48 there G! Well done indeed. and Ian seems to be a natural on the diamond. Be proud.

  3. :) taking a break from blogging but keeping up via twits. I'm more of a twit anyway, don't u think??

    That Morgan is a cutie!! Omgosh. I'll trade you my treacherous, mean, grumpy cat for Morgan? C'mon.....

    BTW, that's a great time for your 5K. I was waaaayyyy slower and second to last to finish. Hahahaha. At least I didn't sleep in or sit on my fat arse eating bacon jam.

  4. I know from experience that the amount of time dedicated to little league season pretty much trumps all else in life. Expect it to continue and increase, especially if Ian turns out to be an all-star!

  5. Any time any team beats a team named the Yankees, it's a good day.

    If the post has been fermenting and sitting cold so long, does that make it a lager?

    My Twins lost 11-0 to Baltimore, who broke an 8 game losing streak in the process. Four starters were on the DL, but still...

  6. Oh, just came back to add this:
    RUNNING TAKES PRIORITY OVER BLOGGING!! (as far as I am concerned) Keep up the running, please. We both have 1200 mi total year goals. Again, you don't want to let a Granny beat you, do you??? And I don't want your running to "ferment" either :) Hang in there!!! Ann

  7. OMG!! Due to stress and a VERY poorly chosen and poorly timed dinner decision (meatloaf sandwich at 9:45 pm when I finally got home from work) I cannot sleep, yet I am rewarded with not only a darling picture of Ian in his baseball uniform, but Morgan in some badass shades!

    I was so glad to see that your game was not rained out yesterday and it appears the Phillies got more touchdowns or baskets or what the fuck ever than the other team, so I imagine that is good too.

    Glad to hear the hiatus is due to you being a kick ass dad, that is how It is supposed to be.